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Ten Ways to Save Money When Planning Your Wedding


We all know that weddings cost a lot of money, there’s no denying that.  It’s easy when you start planning to think that you need to have one of everything and a spare one too and your budget can quickly run away with you. But there are ways you can save money on your wedding and still have an amazing day. 10 ways to save money on your wedding

Here are my top ten tips to give you some inspiration:


1.Out of Season

Booking your wedding away from the peak summer months can save you thousands.  Shop around to compare the prices at several venues as the price does vary a lot.

As an added bonus you’ll have a bigger choice of suppliers out of season as they will have more availability. Your wedding will still be beautiful, no matter what season we’re in.


Table Setting at a Winter Wedding




2. A Mid Week Wedding

Many venues have lower prices for week day weddings.  Friday’s are not always cheaper now as they have become more and more popular but other days can still save you a lot.

Now I know this means guests need to take a day off work but if you give people plenty of notice, the majority of people will be able to do this.  (And you’ll save a bit more if some can’t make it!)


3. Don’t Provide A Free Bar

Whilst it’s nice to offer a free bar for all or part of the evening, the costs will soon rack up and people often take advantage too.

You can opt for prosecco rather than champagne for your welcome drinks and toast drinks too.  And ask your venue about corkage charges.  It might work out cheaper to provide your own wine if the corkage charges are reasonable.

If you’ve opted for a more DIY venue such as a village hall, then you’ll be able to provide your own drinks and this way you can watch out for offers at the supermarket and buy the drinks over time.



Wedding Drinks Reception - save money on your wedding



4. Book for the Current Year

Getting married in a short timescale means you can take advantage of last minute availability prices. It is possible to organise a wedding in 6 months and you could save hundreds doing it this way (and you don’t have to wait an age for your special day!)


5. Be Smart with Your Guest List

Put your guest list together and then review it critically.  Don’t invite people who you never see anymore and don’t be pressured to invite long lost family.

Parents often think it’s okay to invite their friends to your wedding but stay firm and say no, especially if you barely know these people.

In addition, if your wedding package allows for a maximum number of costs at that price, going over that number will quickly rack up the extra pounds.


6. Be Seasonal

Opting for in season flowers and food will mean that they are more readily available and will be cheaper.  They’ll also be nicer as they’ve not been forced to grow or flower at an unusual time of year.

An extra tip here – avoid times like valentine’s day as the flower costs will be at least double the norm and all the florists will be crazy busy.

Seasonal Flowers in Bride's Bouquet



7. Ask for Help

If you have friends and family who are talented why not ask them to help you.

Be careful about asking a friend who happens to enjoy baking to make your wedding cake – the pressure will be huge on them and you really need a professional to do this.  Same goes for photos – if you want professional, high quality photos then you need to hire a professional.

But if you know people who do these things for a living then don’t be afraid to ask them to help you.  And if you have friends who are handy or enjoy crafting maybe they can help you to make your seating plan or centre pieces.


8. Get Insured

I know this is an actual cost but if any of your suppliers were to go out of business or your venue closes down, you could lose a lot more.  Wedding insurance is pretty reasonable and will give you peace of mind too.


9. Hitch a Ride

Does someone in the family or your friends have a really nice car?  Adding some ribbon to this and asking them to drive you is a far cheaper option than booking specific wedding transport.

When you arrive at your venue your guests will be inside waiting for you so they won’t even see how you get there!

Smiling Bride in a Car


10. Prioritise your budget

I have a full blog abut managing your budget which you can see here.

But in summary, be clear up front about what elements are most important to you and allocate more budget to them.  This way you won’t have to go over budget at the end when you realise you have no money left but still need to pay for that must have item.

I hope that’s given you some food for thought and helps you to save money on your wedding.  There are many ways I can also help you with your wedding including planning on your behalf and sourcing suppliers for you.  In addition I can provide a few hours consultancy to help you set off on the right track or get you back on track if things aren’t going to plan.

Please get in touch if this sounds like something that would help you, I’ve love to hear from you.



Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding