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5 Things Not To DIY At Your Wedding

Many couples will try their hand at DIY wedding items. It’s a great way to save money and to inject a lot of you as a couple into your day.   I would recommend keeping it simple though and get things finished as early as you can.

But there are some things that I would always recommend you leave to the professionals.  Here are my top 5:5 Things Not To DIY For Your Wedding



Your photographs are going to be the longest lasting momento of your big day.  So why take the risk of being disappointed in your photos?

Yes I know phone cameras have progressed a lot and many people own good quality cameras but there’s a lot more to capturing good shots than having a good camera. Your friends and family probably won’t be mindful of things in the background ruining a shot, they won’t consider the lighting and they won’t have a great zoom on their camera.

Some of the most candid and funny pics could well be captured on phones and they will be great to add to your memories of the day.  But I would never rely on that alone.

I see so many stories of couples who are gutted that their pictures aren’t very good because they went with a friend or amateur photographer to save some money.   So it’s worth spending some time to find the right photographer for you.



Making a detailed wedding cake takes several days.  Even if you go for something simple, you will need to be finishing it the day before or the morning of your wedding.  Do you need that pressure when you have so many other things to be doing?

You also need to think about food and kitchen hygiene standards as well as allergies and intolerances.  And then you’ve got to transport the finished cake! Rather you than me 😅

You can see lots more info about choosing a cake maker here.  But, unless you are a professional cake maker, I would definitely recommend leaving this to someone else.

Pearlescent Wedding Cake



It’s relatively easy to put a cold buffet together for a small number of people.  Most supermarkets now have party food which can be ordered online to collect on a specified day.

However, you need to consider if you have room to store everything at the right temperature.  How will you get everything onto serving platters and out into the room quickly without abandoning your guests?

You can also only leave food out at room temperature for a limited time so you will need to clear it away as well.  And if you want hot food to serve to your guests, then you really do need to pass this job to the professionals.

It’s really unfair to ask friends or family to help with this as they’re supposed to be guests and enjoying the day with you.

And again, don’t forget about food hygiene standards.  The last thing you need is to give all your guests food poisoning!  The small amount of money you might save is not worth the stress.


Hair & Make Up

I see a lot of brides who are concerned about the price of professional hair and make-up artists and the cost of trials as well.

However, this is the one day when you really want to look your best. A hair and make-up artist will use professional products which will last all day, no matter what the weather is doing!

Generally speaking, you also need to wear slightly heavier make up to ensure that the camera lighting doesn’t make you look washed out.  A professional artist will know this and adjust your make up accordingly.

How many times have you been late for a night out because your hair or make up went wrong?  You don’t have time for this on your wedding morning so why risk it happening?

You’ll be much more relaxed if you hire someone to do this and you can sit back and enjoy being pampered.

Rosie Getting ready at the Red Lion Bursnall


Your Dress

Unless you have experience with making wedding dresses, I say leave this to the professionals, even if you’re a keen sewer.

The structure and flow of wedding dresses is unlike any other dress.  And imagine the stress of getting it finished on time.  Especially if you need last minute alterations due to weight changes, as many brides do.

Bride & Groom in Camellia House at Wollaton Hall


I hope you find this useful and good luck with those items that you do DIY!  You can see my tips for finding suppliers here.  And if you need help tracking down the best suppliers for you, I can help you with that.  You can see details of my planning services here or get in touch for anything more bespoke and lets chat about what help you need.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding