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Creating your wedding budget upfront is vital.  If you’re a regular follower you will know that I’m always going on about budgets.  One of the reasons for this is that it breaks my heart to see couples having to sacrifice elements of their day which they really wanted because of  budgets.  So it’s vital you know from the outset how much you can afford to spend so you can plan accordingly. 5 things that could blow your wedding budget

You can see more advice here on creating and managing your budget as well as ways to save money on your wedding.  But this week I want to focus on things which can trip you up and mean you have to blow your budget if you’re not careful.


A Rain Plan

Every couple hopes for a beautiful sunny day for their wedding.  But sadly, the weather is the one thing you can’t control.  But you can plan for it.  Make sure you keep some contingency budget in case you need to hire umbrellas or shelter.



Couples often think about transport for their guests when they are part way through their wedding planning and they have nothing in budget for it.  And then they’ll ask me if they need to provide transport for their guests.  And the simple answer is no.  You don’t have to do this and if your budget is tight I definitely wouldn’t advise it.  If you can afford it then it’s a nice touch but most guests expect to get themselves to the wedding and arrange their own transport between venues if needed.


Keep a Lid On The Guest List

It’s very easy to get carried away with your guest list.  And obviously the more guests you have the higher your wedding cost.

If you’ve booked a wedding package, the cost per guest over the numbers included in the package, can be quite high.  So this can very easily tip your budget over the edge.

Work out the maximum number of guests you can afford to pay for and stick to it.

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Don’t Forget About Décor And/Or Lighting

The amount of decorations you’re going to need will greatly depend on your choice of wedding venue.  If you’ve booked a castle or stately home for example, then you probably won’t need a lot.

But if your venue is more of a blank canvas, then you will probably need to bring in more elements to create the atmosphere and look that you want.  Think about the space and what you need to add as well as any additional lighting which you may need, especially for the evening.


Don’t Assume Dry Hire Is Going To Be Cheaper

Choosing a dry hire venue gives you a lot more flexibility in designing your dream day.   But couples often think this will be a much cheaper option and this isn’t always the case.

So it’s important to price up everything you will need to bring in before you make that decision.  As well as the obvious things like catering, bar and furniture don’t forget about things like heating/air conditioning and toilets if there’s none available.


Keeping a close eye on your spending is always good practice during your wedding planning.  It’s really easy to keep spending money on little things which all add up and take you way over budget.  I always recommend that you have some contingency in your budget for any unexpected costs as well.

If you need some help with putting together your wedding budget why not get in touch and lets have a chat about how I can help you.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding