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5 Things You Don’t Have to Spend Money On For Your Wedding


There can be a lot of pressure to have absolutely everything at your wedding and as a result it’s easy to overspend.  So today I’m sharing 5 things with you that you don’t need for your wedding. 5 things you don't need for your wedding

We all know that weddings are expensive and if you’re a regular reader you will know how often I tell you to create your budget up front and manage it carefully.  Obviously you can include these things if you want to and you have the budget.  But these are things that your guests won’t miss and their absence definitely won’t spoil your day.


 1. A Free Bar

In America, it’s pretty common to provide a free bar but here in the UK it’s not really expected.

If you’re providing a welcome drink, drink with their meal and a glass of fizz for the speeches, then that is plenty and you shouldn’t feel obliged to do anymore.

The vast majority of wedding guests will come to a wedding expecting to buy their own drinks.  When we got married, we did ask our venue to provide drinks to our guests in the evening until a specific spend had been reached.  This was mainly because we were both in the corporate world at the time and were used to that at corporate events.

On the day, our venue forgot to do it.  Nobody noticed a thing and we didn’t even realise until the next day when the venue gave us a refund!  So trust me, no one is expecting anything here.


2. Favours

In recent years, favours have become more and more extravagant.  And it’s just not needed.  The cost of this can add up very quickly if you’re spending a few pounds per guest.

And I can tell you that lots of favours get left behind at every wedding!  Unless it’s alcohol or something edible and then they tend to get consumed!

So if you need to save some money,  I would suggest just providing something for the kids to keep them entertained.  Or maybe do something per table like a little quiz game.

5 things you don't need for your wedding


3. Extra Guests!

This may sound a little random.  But if you’re paying for your wedding yourselves then you’re quite in your rights to say no to additional people that your parents want you to invite.  Traditionally when parents are paying for the wedding, they will include some of their friends in the guest numbers.  But if you’re paying, then you shouldn’t feel obliged to do this.

Same goes for plus ones.  If your budget is tight, then paying for people to attend who you might have not even met just doesn’t make sense.  Make sure your single guests are seated with people they know and explain to them that you just can’t stretch the budget that far.


4. Save the Date Cards

Now I do generally encourage couples to send a Save the Date, especially if they’ve booked their wedding well in advance.  But it doesn’t have to be a physical card which obviously cost money and then many have to be posted, adding to your costs.

You can send your Save the Dates by email instead.  You can design it yourself or use something like Canva to design a free picture to include in your email.

Alternatively, you may choose to use one of the free wedding websites for couples which allow you again to send electronic invites and Save the Dates.  And it’s obviously better for the environment.

5 things you don't need for your wedding


5. Bride & Groom Gifts

I know that some couples are really extravagant when choosing a gift to give to their fiancé on the morning of the wedding.  Expensive watches and wedding shoes are very popular choices!

But it’s not something you have to do.  Talk about this and agree whether you’re going to buy anything at all.  And if you do agree to buy something, then agree a top budget to spend.  Something handmade and personal is often way more special anyway.  A letter, or a poem for example on beautiful paper or card will be treasured for ever.

So I hope this helps you to rule out some of the unnecessary spend without compromising your day.  You can see other tips here for saving money.  And there’s lots of other advice on my blog, why not have a browse and see how else I can help you.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding