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5 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Party Going


Wedding celebrations tend to last a little while – especially if the ceremony and wedding breakfast is held earlier in the day.  This means that as the wedding party extends into the evening, you may notice that your guests start to tire a little or spot the odd yawn work its way through the crowd. Keep The Wedding Party Going

In order to combat this issue, it’s a good idea to plan a variety of ways to keep the party going all night long at your wedding!  Assuming you want to keep it going obviously.  Not everyone parties late in to the night and that’s absolutely your choice.  But the majority of events do go on long into the night.

So here are some simple ways and ideas to get you started.


Put together the perfect wedding playlist

The music at your wedding can really set the tone for the rest of your celebrations and enhance the atmosphere considerably.  While you may have hired a band to play at your wedding reception, they will usually only perform for a set amount of time.   Typically, a live band will play 2 sets of 45 minutes.

There’s no doubt that a band will really liven up the atmosphere.  So if you don’t have a DJ taking over from the band, it’s important that you have the perfect playlist lined up for the later hours of the night.  You really want to keep everyone on the dancefloor.

Focus on combining a mixture of classic music with your favourite songs and typical crowd-pleasers that will always get your guests moving.   It’s also a good idea before your wedding to give your guests the opportunity to suggest songs or add their own choices to the playlist.  This way everyone gets to listen to at least one song they like throughout the night.


Find new ways to keep your guests entertained

 In order to keep spirits high and the party going into the early hours of the morning, it’s essential you give your guests something fun to do when they are not dancing. For example, you could leave disposable cameras on each table so that guests can snap their own exciting pictures of the event.

Alternatively, you could look into Photo booth hire in your local area.  The Polaroid-style photographs taken in these booths make excellent keepsakes, especially as they often come with a variety of fun and exciting props that your guests can use to take fun photographs.

Wedding buffet food

Provide them with an evening snack.

No matter how delicious or filling the food you served in the day may have been, dancing will take up a lot of your guests energy.  This means that they might start to feel hungry again sooner than you think.

Therefore, you can keep the party going by giving your guest access to some late-night snacks.  Food trucks are really popular right now and will give your guests a different option to a buffet.  It’s also a bit of a talking point too.


Play games

Games and interactive activities are another great way to extend the life of your wedding celebrations.  For example, you can play games such as the newlywed game.  Games are also a great way to cater to your younger guests, as they are a great way to keep children entertained at your wedding, especially if there are prizes to be won!

If you’ve got some outdoor space at your wedding venue, you could also consider hiring in some large garden games.  These are always popular, especially when the competitive streak comes out in people after a couple of drinks.

Wedding Games

Sing some karaoke

Now it might not be my favourite but karaoke is still a great crowd-pleaser at weddings, even if the quality of the performance is not quite up to scratch. Therefore, if you feel as though there is a lull in energy, it might be time to cue your favourite song and sing your heart out.

I think this is quite a personal choice and one you would consider if you know your guests will enjoy it and you can rely on them to get up and blast out their favourite tune.

Wedding party entertainment

I hope this helps to keep your party going into the early hours.  But I’d love to hear any other ideas you have or novel things you’ve experienced at other weddings.

And of course if you need some help with your wedding planning, I’m always happy to chat through your plans and see how I can help you.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding