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7 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Day Coordinator


More and more couples are recognising the benefits of hiring a wedding day coordinator, i.e a wedding planner to run their wedding day.  You can see a lot of the reasons couples do this here.  But today I wanted to talk to you about the benefits of this service. 7 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Day Coordinator

(I call this Wedding Day Management but it can be called Day of Coordination.  My service actually starts well ahead of your wedding day though)

If your venue doesn’t have a wedding coordinator this service is priceless.  But even if you do have a coordinator, there are still many benefits and I often work alongside the venue staff.

You’ll often find that the coordinator you’ve been liaising with throughout your planning won’t actually be there on the day and it’s a duty manager who’s running things.  They will also be more focussed on venue issues.   So if something else goes wrong they’re unlikely to have a contingency plan for you.

So lets have a look at some of the key benefits of booking a wedding day coordinator :


Contract Review

My Wedding Day Management service includes a review of your contracts with other suppliers.  Obviously I’m not a lawyer but this review can highlight any concerns, such as how many staff your caterer will provide.  Or who will take away the rubbish at a marquee wedding.

Identifying any gaps or questions ahead of your day means there’s time to get these resolved before the day.  Reviewing your contracts also helps me to gain a better understanding of the services you have booked with each supplier.


Every Detail in a Plan

I’ll arrange to meet with you around 6 weeks before your wedding day to review the details of your big day.  We’ll walk through every detail from first thing in the morning until the final dance.  I’ll ask you lots of questions and take loads of notes.

This enables me to get really clear how you want your day to run as well as understanding everything that needs to happen during the day.  For example, if your flowers from your register table need moving to the top table this will be noted down.

All this information, along with supplier names and contact numbers goes into my detailed plan for your wedding day.  This means there’s no danger of anything being missed on the day as I follow this plan.  No detail gets overlooked from your table settings to your candles being lit.

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Day Coordinator


Supplier Management

I’ll make contact with all your suppliers ahead of your wedding day.  I’ll then handle the final communications with them in the last 6 weeks of planning.  This enables me to build a relationship with them if I don’t already know them.  It also makes sure that they know my role on the day and gives them chance to ask any questions or raise any concerns.

It also frees up your time to focus on your last minute jobs like dress alterations and collecting suits etc.

On the day of your wedding, I’ll manage your suppliers and ensure they’re in the right place at the right time.  I’ll answer any questions they have and make sure they’ve delivered everything that you booked.  You won’t need to worry about a thing or answer any questions from them on that day.



As well as ensuring everything in the plan gets done, I also make sure that your day runs to time.  This is really important as it’s so easy for time to just run away with you.

So for example, when it’s drawing near to the time for your wedding breakfast to be served, I’ll start asking guests to make their way into the reception room and find their seats.

It’s very easy for the day to just run away with you, everyone says your wedding day flies by and it really is true.  So you don’t want to be clock watching all day, you can leave that to me.

“As the wedding coordinator Louise went out of her way, busy as she was, to make sure that I was having a great day. During my wedding reception I was so happy.  Everything was just as my wife and I wished wished it would be.  I realised in the middle of the party that Louise is worth her weight in gold. I am very happy we found her and that she said yes to our wedding.”  Vincent & Rachel Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Day Coordinator


The Unexpected

No matter how much planning is done there are always unexpected things which can crop up.  Having a wedding planner there on the day will mean these things are managed smoothly and calmly.

For example, at one of my weddings, the band for the evening – who were playing the first dance! – were late arriving.  I couldn’t get hold of them on the phone as the venue was rural and phone signal was terrible.  So I had to persuade the DJ, who was due to take over later and thankfully was local, to set up his gear quickly so that he could play their first song if needed.

Luckily the band did arrive in the nick of time and were still able to play the first dance.  But no bride or groom needs to be dealing with that on their wedding day.


Help For You and Your Guests

I’m here for you throughout your wedding day to help you with anything and everything.  It’s vital to me that you have the most relaxed day possible so whatever you need you just ask.

I’m also on hand all day to direct your guests to the right place, answer any questions they might have and help them with any issues which arise.  I always carry my tool kit with me which contains everything from sewing kit to glue to screwdrivers.  So if a zip breaks, someone gets a blister or an insect bite I’ve got you covered.


Louise Helping the bride's mum with her buttonhole

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Total relaxation

By far the biggest benefit of this service is that you can totally relax and enjoy your day.  You know that I’ve got every detail covered and I will work tirelessly to make sure your day is exactly how you envisioned it.

You’ve spent all this time planning your day.  It’s worth every penny to be able to fully enjoy it without worrying about what time it is, if your evening entertainment has arrived or if your cake has been cut ready to be served.

There are many other benefits but these are the primary ones and the items my couples often highlight to me in their feedback.

“On the day Louise worked tirelessly to make our wedding perfect- all we had to do was sit back and soak it in”  Rosie & Scott Emma & Pete at Wentworth Woodhouse

“Louise was a godsend for our wedding. She allowed me to completely hand over control and everything went without a hitch (To my knowledge…) on the day.”  Emma & Pete

You can see details about what is included in this service here. I still offer a free consultation to couples considering this service so why not get in touch and lets chat about what help you need and how I can help you.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding