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Choosing Your Accessories for your Wedding Day

In recent weeks we’ve talked about choosing your dress, your veil and your shoes.

Don’t forget the finishing touches. They can make or break your overall look so make sure you get it right with the accessories for your wedding day.

Your accessories are also a great way to include your something borrowed, something old, something blue and something new.



Whilst you want your wedding underwear to be beautiful and glamourous and sexy all at the same time there are some practical considerations too.

Be careful to double check that your underwear will work with your dress – nothing worse than being able to see the outline of suspenders under a slim fitting dress.

If you’re going for coloured underwear, make sure it won’t show through your dress.

You want to be comfortable too so make sure you get fitted properly.

If your dress doesn’t allow for a bra under it, most seamstresses can sew in some cups to the dress to give you more support.  But you will usually find that most dresses have built in support so once your dress is altered to fit you perfectly, you probably won’t need a bra anyway.

If you do wear a bra, make sure it’s not visible, for example, if your dress has a low back.



Many brides still choose to wear a garter too.  There are lots of really pretty options for these out there and some can be personalised too.  Like these from Heidi at Extra Special Touch.  All her work is lovely and can be designed to complement your colour scheme and style.


Garter from Extra Special Touch

Photo by Emily Olivia Photography


Hair stuff

There’s so much choice of hair accessories.  And there’s something for everyone, not matter how long or short your hair is!

I particularly love the choice from Lisa at the Bobby Pin.  All her pieces are handmade and you can also design bespoke pieces from a small change to an existing design right through to a completely bespoke design for you.


Hair Vine from The Bobby Pin

Stunning Hair Vine from The Bobby Pin

Or you might opt for fresh flowers.  They can look stunning but be careful what you choose as you need something that will last the day and not wilt by the time you get to the end of the aisle.  Talk to your florist for advice here to understand your options and whether they will work with your theme, colour scheme etc.

Unless you’re having fresh flowers it’s always a good idea to have your hair accessories ready for your hair trial so your hairdresser knows what they’re working with and you can see how it will look with your chosen style.



Your jewellery choices are going to be dictated by the style of your dress.

If your neckline is high for example a necklace probably won’t work or be needed.  Instead,  stunning earrings and a bracelet might be a better option.

Try to choose something that will complement your dress rather than compete with it.  Again shop around and take your time, as you may find your ideas change over time.

This isn’t a purchase you need to make too early in the process so you have time to mull over what you would like.


Hair Grips from The Bobby Pin


Not all brides want a bag but a small pretty bag that tones in with your dress style can be pretty useful to hold your lipstick, perfume etc and looks great on your pictures too!!



Some dresses can be transformed with the addition of a belt.  Make sure you try one in store with your dress before purchasing though.  Again, The Bobby Pin have a beautiful choice like this or you can design your own.

Lorna Belt from The Bobby Pin


Good luck finding the perfect accessories to complement your dress.

If you need help with your wedding planning, do get in touch.  I’d love to hear from you and with a range of services tailored to your needs there’s sure to be the right option available for you.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding