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Choosing the Season to Get Married In

When you picture your wedding, are you outside on a beautiful sunny day?  Or are you in a winter wonderland with fairylights and candles everywhere? Choosing Which Season To Get Married In

The season you choose to get married in will have a big influence on the style of your day.  There are pros and cons with each season so give these some thought before making your final decision. 



I adore the Spring when all the trees are blossoming and the plants are budding.  I always associate Spring with hope and possibilities for the year ahead. The days are getting longer, the light is improving and it (should) be starting to warm up, 

But bear in mind that Spring begins in March, there is still a risk of cold weather and even snow.  You should have more choice of venue availability in early Spring but as we head into May and June this will start to change.


Spring Wedding Bouquet

Image: Emily Olivia Photography



Summer is obviously peak wedding season.  When we get the good weather in the UK it’s so beautiful it’s no surprise that summer is so popular. 

I do love it when wedding guests can spend time outside.   Hopefully getting married in summer means you’ll get a glorious day.   

But as we all know there are no guarantees, especially in the UK!  So you must have a back up plan to be able to move things indoors if the weather is unkind. 

Some things, like venues, can be more expensive in summer so factor that in when planning your budget. 

And suppliers are busier as it’s peak season so you may have less choice and you definitely need to book as soon as you can. 


Summer Wedding, Bride with bouquet and flower crown

Image: Emily Olivia Photography



The colours in Autumn are just stunning.  Choose a venue with beautiful trees and you’ll get gorgeous images with the changing colours of the leaves. 

Sunset in autumn is amazing as well – known as the golden hour for the soft light it generates. 

It’s a bit of pot luck what the weather will be like – you could drop on a stunning day but be prepared for it to be not so good! 

Venues and suppliers generally have more availability in Autumn so your choices should be better. 


Autumn Wedding, Bride & Groom with Umbrellas

Image: Shutter Go Click Photography



Winter weddings are a perfect opportunity to use lots of candles and fairy lights in your décor.   

You’ll find venue prices are generally lower in winter so you could grab yourself a bargain. 

If you’re booking a winter wedding you need to accept the risk of bad weather impacting your day.  Worst case it could mean guests or suppliers can’t get to your venue. 

Wedding Insurance is definitely worth considering but check the cover in regards to weather affecting your day. 

Also bear in mind the short daylight hours – if you want some outdoor photos then make sure your ceremony is early enough in the day to allow time for photos afterwards. 


Winter wedding, bride with merino wool blanket

Image: Emily Olivia Photography


I hope this helps you when choosing which season to marry in.  It’s a very personal choice and there are pros and cons with them all. 

If you need more help in choosing your wedding venue, you can read my blog with questions to ask potential venues here. 


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding