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So you’ve found THE Dress.  Now what?  Time to start thinking about choosing your veil. Choosing Your Veil

You may have tried a veil on when choosing your dress.

Come on – we’ve all seen the ‘veil moment’ on Say Yes To The Dress!  And seen how it can transform a dress and reduce everyone to tears!!

So you may already have a good idea of what style you would like – assuming you are having one that is! And you absolutely don’t have to have one.

There are a number of styles and length of veils to choose from.  You’ll need to think about what styles you prefer, what will work well with the style of your dress and how it will complement your hair style.

If you want a veil or if you’re still undecided, read on to learn more about your options and things to consider:


Different Veil Lengths

Shoulder length (45”) –this style looks particularly good with 50s and 60s style dresses, especially if your hair is in a bouffant style.

Waist or elbow length (54”) –this is a pretty option which works with most dresses.   Be mindful of where it will rest against your dress as it could obscure detail at the top of your dress.

Hip or fingertip length (72”) –this length is a very versatile length, and works really well with straighter style dresses. It’s not the best choice to pair with dresses that flare from the hip.

Bride with veil in breeze


Floor Length or waltz length (90”) –not a good option for taller brides due to the length but is a good option for more petite brides who want their veil to the floor but without a train on it.

Ballet Length or Puddle Train (108”) –you will get a different result with this one depending on your own height. For the taller bride this will just brush the floor but on a shorter bride will create a pretty puddle effect on your dress.

Chapel length (126”)–this style is very versatile and works with nearly all dresses.  This length is flattering for brides of all heights so don’t automatically rule it out if you are not the tallest of brides!

Cathedral veil (144”) –the ultimate statement veil!  These really do create the wow factor.

These are my absolute favourite – they make me swoon every time!

Just make sure it doesn’t detract from the detail on your dress.

Birdcage Veil –this offers a pretty alternative to a longer veil and work particularly well with a 50’s style dress.

bride veil


How to Choose

It’s always a good idea to try some options with your dress before you buy.  You need to be sure that the two work well together.

For example, if you have a lot of detail on the back of your dress, you don’t want the veil to detract from it.  In this scenario,  you may choose a shorter length or decide not to wear one at all.

Your dress shop should be happy to accommodate a visit for you try different styles with your dress.


The Details

Some dresses have a specific veil which has the same lace or embroidery detail for example as the dress.  These create a stunning look but can be a little more pricey so bear that in mind.

A plainer dress can be transformed with a detailed veil with crystals or lace.  Conversely a plain veil can offset a detailed dress beautifully.

So try some different options to see what works best with your dress.

If you missed the blog about choosing your dress you can still read it here.

If you feel like you need some 1-1 help with your wedding planning, you can read more here about my wedding planning services.  And feel free to get in touch to find out more about how I can help – I’d love to hear from you.



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