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Choosing The Perfect Suit For Your Wedding

Right guys let’s talk about your wedding suit.  It’s not all about the girls you know – you need to look and feel great on your wedding day too.

So how do you choose what type of suit to have? Who should be in the same suit as you? And should you hire or buy?

Today I’m sharing my thoughts but I also chatted to the super helpful team at Blidworth Menswear in Nottingham.  They were very happy to share their advice, experience and top tips with me for choosing that all important suit. Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Suit


When To Start Shopping

So how soon would you recommend men start looking for their wedding suit?

“In our experience, some guys will be very involved from day one, and I dare say some will have envisaged their image for the big day before the proposal!

And then there’s the very laid back guy who will wait until the month before (our worst was a week – you have to love `em!)  He’s the one who has made sure that all the decisions are made regarding colours, style and themes before he chooses his suit…..either that or he’s been given an ultimatum because he’s so laid back.

Choosing your suit up to a year before the wedding is quite the norm if you have a specific theme and know exactly what you’re looking for.  But it would be wise to leave the final fitting until around six weeks before the date as men tend to be either losing weight or going the gym to bulk up for their big day.

As a rule of thumb, once the choice of venue and colour scheme for décor and bridesmaids dresses has been made, then the suit will be chosen to fit in.”

Sounds sensible to me!

Who Should Be In the Same Suit As the Groom?

Typically the best man, groomsmen/ushers and fathers of the couple will wear the same suit as the groom.  But as with most things these days, you don’t have to do this.


How To Choose A Style Of Suit

These days many men never buy suits so how do they know where to start?

“Take into consideration the number of people in the party, and their ages, build (body shape) and personalities.

You may have a flamboyant groom who really does want to take centre stage on the day, but members of the wedding party who are a little more reserved, or who’s physique may not be complemented by such a choice.

In this instance, it would be better to have a stand-alone suit for the groom and a more traditional, stylish suit for the rest of the party.  Many suppliers will cater for a mixed group, with short, regular, long (and sometimes extra long) jackets and trousers.  They will also offer tailored, regular and classic fits to accommodate your still growing slender teens through to your portly Uncle, or rugby playing ushers.”


Wollaton Hall - Groom in Camellia House

What About The Fabric? 

“The theme of the day and the time of year will dictate the cloth chosen.  A tweed suit won’t be comfortable to wear in the height of summer.  Just as a linen suit will be out of place for a winter wedding at a castle.

There are plenty of colour and fabric options out there though so take your time to work out exactly what you want and what will work with the theme of the day.”


The Fit

A good store will measure each of you to make sure you get the right fit.  You need to be comfortable – you’re going to be in your suit for a long time.  And you need to be able to dance the night away!

“Don’t be afraid to go a size bigger in trousers if you have big thighs or calves as the waist can easily be tailored to give a good fit.  Much better to do this than split your trousers when you hit the dance floor!

The same with jackets.  Big arms and shoulders will mean a bigger jacket and tailoring the waist and back will accentuate the shape achieved with all that all the hard work at the gym.”

Wedding suit Fit guide


Should I Wear A Waistcoat?

Waistcoats are generally quite easy to fit as shoulders and arms don’t have to be taken into consideration.  They’re very flattering for both a trim guy or someone who needs to disguise a rounded tummy.

Visually, waistcoats give an overall smarter look and keep the shirt under control. Plus, when jackets are removed after the photographs, the wedding party remain smart and distinguishable from the rest of the guests.


How Do I Choose My Tie? 

People often choose ties to match the bridesmaids dresses but this isn’t essential and can be quite tricky to get right.  A contrasting colour or pattern can look really stylish.

“Bow ties are very popular at the moment, but the traditional tie is still very much in the forefront with many parties using a mixture of both.”


To Hire or Buy?

There are pros and cons to each option.

It will usually be less expensive to hire.  But you will generally have less choice and the hire shop may be less flexible about tailoring the suit to fir you perfectly.

Buying your own suit will open up much more choice and enable you to have the perfect tailoring so it fits you like a glove.  If you think you’ll get some wear out of the suit after your wedding then I would recommend buying your suit.

But you do need to factor in the rest of your guys – are they going to be happy to buy a suit of your choice (assuming you’re not buying them for them all)

However, as pointed out early, you could have a different suit.  This means you’ll definitely stand out and you could then hire suits for your bridal party.


Groom in Navy Suit

Top Tips to Summarise

  • Talk to each other about the look you both want to achieve for your big day
  • Don’t get too hung up on the colour of the men’s accessories matching the bridesmaids dresses perfectly, because unless they’re the same fabric it’s a pretty difficult thing to do..
  • Don’t have a final fit until around six weeks before the wedding
  • Consider all of your male wedding party when you choose your suits
  • Choose the right fabric for the time of year and style of wedding
  • Enjoy the time you spend choosing the suits, make it fun and enjoy the whole dayWedding Suit Details



Huge thanks to the team at Blidworth for their help and advice.  I hope this helps you to find your dream suit and feel amazing on your wedding day.  If you think that getting some help with your wedding planning would benefit you, then you can see info about my planning services here.  Or get in touch to chat about how I can help you, I’d love to hear from you.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding