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Tackling the Post Wedding Blues

Post Wedding Blues is a real thing.  You’ve been living and breathing the planning for months, maybe even years and then all of a sudden the big day is here.  Everyone will tell you that the day passes in a flash and then before you know what’s happening, you’re back at work trying to figure out who else you need to change your name with!

Many couples experience post wedding blues so what can you do to prepare yourself for it and try to reduce it.  Here are some ideas but I’d love to hear any other ideas from you. Beating the Post Wedding Blues


A Wedding Weekend

If your venue has accommodation, then you could plan things for your guests for the day before and the day after your wedding.  Having a longer event means it’s not such an abrupt end at the end of your wedding day and you get to enjoy the celebrations for longer.

You could have a pre wedding dinner the night before to greet everyone and then have a barbeque the day after.  We actually played rounders the day after our wedding and then we all watched the World Cup final in the evening!

And you don’t necessarily have to pay for all of this.  Guests expect to pay for their own accommodation and if you explain your plans and ideas, they’ll know that they will need to pay for their meals on the days either side of your wedding.


Have a Mini Moon

If your budget will allow it, you could have a mini moon straight after your wedding.  This will give you a few days as a newly married couple to relax, reflect on your fantastic day and gear yourself up for going back to work.

Doing this allows you to:


Delay Your Honeymoon

There are actually lots of benefits of delaying your honeymoon for a few months after your wedding.

As well as giving you something else to look forward to, it may well mean you can benefit from travelling in a better season.  For example if you’re planning to go to the Caribbean it might enable you to avoid hurricane season.

It may also help you to budget more.  If the balance for your holiday is due to be paid after your wedding, it’s one less bill to pay before the big day.  In addition, any money you receive as gifts can also be used towards the cost of your honeymoon or your spending money.

Post Wedding Blues - Delay the Honeymoon


Receiving Your Photos

You can expect to wait a little while after the wedding to receive your professional photos.  So when they do arrive, you’ll be able to relive your amazing day all over again.

Why not invite your family and close friends round to see the photos and have a little reminisce with them?


Order Your Wedding Album

Choosing the photos to go in your wedding album can be quite a challenge.  But again why not block out some time to do this together and make it a special occasion rather than a chore.

You’ll then have the excitement of receiving your album to look forward to as well.


Wedding Present Day

If you’ve used a gift list, such as Prezola, they will deliver all your gifts together on a date that’s convenient to you.  So why not make a bit of an event of this?  You could open a bottle of champagne from your wedding and spend some time together opening all your lovely gifts from your guests.

(If you use the link above for Prezola, you’ll receive £50 free credit when you guest spend totals £200)


Request experiences as gifts

If you already live together, then there may not be much you need in the way of traditional wedding gifts. So why not think about asking for experiences as gifts instead?

You can use Prezola for this too and there’s a wide range of options, and budgets, available.  This again, will give you events to look forward to over the coming year.

Beat the Post Wedding Blues - Wedding Present Day


Date Nights

Keep the romance alive by scheduling in regular date nights.   Spending quality time together as a couple is really important.

You could take it turns to choose the destination for your dates.


Have A Mini Reunion

When you’re planning your wedding, you usually have more social events than normal.  Dress or suit fittings, trips to wedding fairs, and obviously hen and stag parties give you lots of opportunities to see friends and family.

So if you’re missing the social side of planning, why not get a little reunion into your diaries.


A New Hobby

You probably have some spare time on your hands now so why not try a new hobby?  Maybe there’s something you’ve been thinking about doing for a while so this is the ideal time to give it a try.

I hope this helps you to make the adjustment from planning your wedding to married life.  And remember, if you’re struggling with your wedding planning, I can help in many ways.  Have a look at my planning services or get in touch to find out how I can help you.  


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding