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How To Design Personalised Wedding Cocktails For Your Big Day

When you are planning your wedding, there’s a lot to decide and the drinks you’ll offer your guests are one of the many things to consider.  It can make your reception even more special to add a personalised touch to your drinks.  Designing some unique cocktails to serve up will really help to make the day more memorable.

Here, Steve King from Bottled & Boxed  shares some expert tips for customising your wedding cocktails so that you can mark your big day with a personalised tipple.

Designing your own drinks menu can be a bit intimidating.  But if you use the tips we’ve put together as a starting point, then you can create a beautiful array of drinks that will add that special finishing touch to your big day. Drinks Menu


Think Of Unique Names

When planning your cocktail menu, try to think of some individual names to give to your drinks, as this will make them extra memorable.  This might be based on where you and your partner met, or a place you love to visit — such as a favourite holiday destination or restaurant.  Or you could name a drink after the place where you got engaged.

Other ideas include naming them after you and your partner, family members, or even pets.  Have fun with your naming and don’t take it too seriously — after all, it can provide a source of amusement as well as being sentimental, depending on what atmosphere you want to create.



Cater For Everyone’s Tastes

When you’re thinking about drinks for an event, it’s important to remember that some people will naturally be much more adventurous than others in terms of what they’d like to try.  Some people will want a classic-tasting cocktail, or a glass of Prosecco.  Others might want to jump into new flavours and try something more unique.  Think about the people you are inviting to your wedding and whether they will prefer more traditional or experimental drinks.

Usually, the winning formula is to offer a few cocktails and include some less challenging and more ‘out there’ flavours to offer something for everyone.  This way you’ll be sure that everyone will be catered for.  If you don’t think up a more traditional cocktail to serve, then you can always offer sparkling wine or champagne as a safe alternative.  Don’t forget non-drinking guests either and ensure that there are alternative beverages for them to enjoy.

Designing Wedding Cocktails


Don’t Forget The Presentation

Once you’ve come up with some flavours that you’d like to have featured on your menu, don’t forget about presenting them well.  Think about the overall theme or colour scheme of your wedding and how the drinks fit in with it.  This could include the glasses (for example, will you use very modern or classic-looking choices?) as well as the tables and trays used to serve the drinks.

Consider whether you will greet your guests with drinks already laid out, or whether you’ll be providing a bar where guests order their own from your cocktail menu. Present the drinks in a way that works as seamlessly as possible with the rest of your wedding plans.  Normally, it’s useful to speak to your venue about this as they will be able to help you with what serving plans will work within the space you’re hiring.


Add A Cocktail Station

Rather than serving cocktails already made you can also make things different by introducing a cocktail station.  This way, you can provide ingredients (or cocktail kits) for all your personalised drinks and your guests can make their own.  This turns the cocktails into a creative, enjoyable activity and can be a fun feature of your wedding if you decide to go this route.

You’ll just need to make sure that you buy enough of all the ingredients, including any garnishes like fruit and herbs, to ensure that everyone can have the cocktails of their choosing.  You might also want to get some menus and recipes printed and left on tables so that guests can immediately see how to make your ideas come to life.

You can see more advice here on setting up your own DIY bar.


wedding cocktails


Put A Twist On The Toast

When doing your wedding toast consider making this drink more unique than only sticking with the usual choice of Champagne or Prosecco.  Try serving up a round of Blushing Brides to your guests by mixing Champagne with passion fruit purée and a splash of grenadine.  Or think of a personalised Champagne-based cocktail that you can invent especially for your big day.

Having the toast be a memorable and unique drink can really add to the personalised atmosphere and be a fun twist on tradition too.  You could also pick a drink for the toast that reminds you of a place you love.  For example, if you have enjoyable memories of Italy, or even got engaged there, you could lay out glasses of Limoncello for your guests.  Whatever you choose, adding a unique spin on the toast can really bring this moment to life.

Coming up with personalised wedding cocktails for your big day can feel a little overwhelming but using these pointers can help you get started.  Keep your favourite flavours at the centre of your menu and enjoy whipping up some exciting drinks to add that finishing touch to your wedding.

Remember if you need help with any aspect of your wedding planning then drop me a line and lets have a chat about how I can help you.  I’d love to hear from you.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding