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Top Tips for Pregnant Brides 

Discovering that you are pregnant when you are planning your wedding can be a little overwhelming.  Both are such big events in your life so having them both happen together can be too much for some women. 

If you’re reading this, then I’m guessing that double congratulations are due!  Firstly for your engagement and just as importantly for your pregnancy. 

You’ve got some big decisions to make about your wedding plans so here are my tips to help guide you through. Discovering You're Pregnant While Planning Your Wedding


Your Priorities

This will be a really personal decision.  But you need to think about whether you can manage to pay for a wedding whilst also investing in the equipment you’re going to need for your baby. 

For some women, giving 100% focus to their pregnancy will take priority and their wedding plans will need to take a back seat. For others, finishing their wedding plans whilst pregnant won’t be an issue. 

You really have to think this one through based on both your feelings and your financial situation.  Make sure you have open and honest conversations with your fiancé so that you reach a conclusion which you are both happy with. 

For some couples, it will be important to them to actually be married before they become parents.  So a register office wedding might be the answer and you have a big blessing and party later on. 


Scaling Back

If you decide to go ahead with your wedding in the current timescales, you may still need to cut back on some of your plans to reduce the cost of your wedding. 

There are many ways to do this from cutting your guest numbers to changing the venue.  Your guests will understand if you need to change your plans due to your pregnancy. You can get more tips here for ways to save money on your wedding planning. 

You will need to think about timings though as you still need to ensure you have the time required to give notice for a civil ceremony (more info here)

Wedding suppliers will also understand if you need to scale things back but give them as much notice as you can. 

Discovering You're Pregnant While Planning Your Wedding


This is going to be the biggest factor in your plans. 

If you find out you’re pregnant a few weeks before your wedding, then the chances are that you won’t need or want to change anything. 

If it’s too early for you to tell everyone your news, you might need to bring a friend or family member in on the secret.  They can keep an eye on you on the big day and make sure you’re okay.  

This can also be a big help for masking the fact that you’re not drinking which is often a giveaway.   They can get you a non alcoholic drink and whisk away the alcoholic ones that guests will inevitably buy for you!

However, if your baby is due around the time of your wedding, then chances are you’ll want/need to move the date of your wedding.  No one can say for sure what date your baby will arrive.  So the risk of you giving birth just before your wedding is probably too big a risk. 

In this case, you’ll need to look into your options for moving the date.  Some couples look to bring forward the wedding date so they are married before the baby arrives. 

Or you may delay it for a year or more to give you time to have your baby and get used to being parents before you pick up the planning again. 

If your baby is due after your wedding you’ll need to work out if your wedding plans are still doable with your bump.  You may want to change your plans from a big party to a more sedate wedding followed by a meal.  But this is really going to depend on your timing and how you feel about going ahead with the current plans. 


Your Dress

Again, what you do about your dress is going to depend on how far pregnant you will be at the time of the wedding.

If you’ve already ordered your dress but realistically it now isn’t going to fit you, contact your dress supplier as soon as you can so you can discuss your options with them.  They will know whether your dress can be altered to accommodate a baby bump or if you’re going to need to change your choice. 

If you haven’t already bought your dress, there are loads of beautiful bump friendly dresses out there.  When you go shopping, make sure your bridal consultant knows you’re pregnant.  They will need to know how far along you will be when you get married and this will allow them to show you dresses which can be altered to fit your changing shape.    

And of course, you don’t have to have a traditional wedding dress. 

Discovering You're Pregnant While Planning Your Wedding


On The Day

If you go ahead with your wedding as planned, you’ll need to take care of yourself on your day.  If you need to rest, then have a rest.  Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat well throughout the day.  It’s also probably best to either avoid heels altogether or take some flats with you to change into. 



Your plans for your honeymoon might need to change depending on what you’ve booked or were hoping to book.  If you were planning to fly somewhere, the timing will be a factor now as most airlines don’t allow you to fly after 36 weeks pregnant. 

You also need to consider any risk from the Zika virus. There are still risks to pregnant women in areas, you can find more info on this here.  

Many couples change their plans to opt for a smaller honeymoon in the UK.  There are still lots of amazing options available to you if you go down this route. A luxury stay somewhere with a spa would be very relaxing after the challenges of planning your wedding.


Discovering You're Pregnant While Planning Your Wedding


Getting Some Help 

So you might have been getting on well with your wedding planning but planning a wedding while pregnant can be more challenging.  So it might be worth bringing in some professional help to finish things off for you.  You can see the details here of my planning services but they are all tailored to your needs so you will only pay for the help you really need.  Why not get in touch and let’s talk about how I can help you.  

Whatever you decide to do with your plans, I wish you lots of luck and happiness with both your wedding and your pregnancy. 


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding