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Entertaining The Little Ones

Let’s face it – weddings usually involve a pretty long day and if you’re only knee high that’s like forever.  Entertaining children isn’t usually at the top of the list when wedding planning but it’s worth spending a bit of time on this. Entertaining Children at Your Wedding

So if you will have some kids at your wedding, how do you avoid hearing ‘I’m bored’ on a constant loop.  Or having a group of them running round screaming causing absolute mayhem?

The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep the children (and some of the adults!) entertained.  There are lots of options too depending on the ages of the kids.

Hopefully this article will give you some ideas and inspiration to ensure everyone enjoys your wedding day, no matter how old they are.



Giant Games


Giant versions of games like Connect 4 and Jenga are a great idea if you have enough space.

Please make sure you have enough clear space around the Jenga blocks.  In my previous life, I was stung with a big bill from a hotel when the Jenga blocks fell and cracked a huge mirror (not the best day!)

You can hire in this type of equipment and the hire company should set everything up for you and collect them at the end of the day.



Bouncy Castle

If you have a suitable space at your venue, hiring a bouncy castle doesn’t cost the earth and is great for entertaining children for hours.

You may need to ban the adults when they’ve had a couple of drinks though!  Drunk grown ups and bouncy castles are not usually the best combination.


Activity packs at tables

A cheaper idea, which needs no space, is to provide activity packs at the tables.  This should help to keep the children entertained during your wedding breakfast and speeches which many adults find boring!

You can easily put these together yourself at low cost.   This will enable you to tailor them to the children’s ages too.

Alternatively, you can find some great ones at Etsy which can be personalised with the children’s names and your wedding details.

Entertaining Children at Your Wedding



Games Corner

This is very easy to set up if you have a suitable corner or extra room to use.  You can ask to borrow board games and jigsaws from friends and family to set out on the tables. Bonus tip – all them to put their name on the box somewhere so you know who to return them to!

You can also throw in some colouring books and pencils (avoid felt tip pens and paints at all costs!)

If the kids are of a suitable age maybe you could put together a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt for them to find a series of clues and items around the venue.


Crèche services

If you have a lot of babies and toddlers you might want to look at a mobile Creche service.  They can provide onsite childcare for a number of children.  If you have a separate room available in your venue, they can keep the children happy in there away from the main wedding party.

Creche services will often provide a listening service too if your venue has accommodation and parents want to put the little ones to bed at their usual bedtime.  I would advise that you ask parents if they would use a crèche service like this before you splash out your cash.

Some companies also provide entertainment such as games consoles for the teenagers.  Now their parents might not actually thank you for this.  They may be glad to have a reason to get their child away from their screen!  So again, do check with them before you book something like this.

Giant Draughts Board at Wedding



Depending on space in your venue, you could look at options for a formal kids entertainer.  They could keep them happy in another room during the speeches, for a couple of hours, as this does tend to be a bit dull for the younger ones.

Think about things like magicians, a balloon artist, Punch & Judy maybe?  These would keep the not so young but not teenagers entertained.

With all these options (apart from the activity packs) make sure your venue is happy with your plans before you book anything.  I hope this helps you to make sure the small people at your wedding have as good a day as the big people!

As ever, you can get in touch if you need some help with your wedding planning.  Why not have a look at my wedding planning services to see how I might be able to help you.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding