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This week Robbie Fowle, from travel money provider H&T, shares the top honeymoon destinations for next year.

We’ve talked previously about the volume of weddings which have had to be postponed recently and you know my heart is breaking for all the couples who have been affected.  If you’re one of the unlucky couples you might be struggling to see the upside.  However, while delaying your wedding may be less than ideal, every cloud has a silver lining.  For one thing, you’ll have an extra 12 months to save up even more cash to go towards your dream honeymoon, meaning you can afford to upgrade your trip to something even more memorable. Ideas for Honeymoon Destinations

That said, it’s a big wide world out there, so you may be wondering just where to go.

In this article, Robbie has shared four destinations that are set to be hot with honeymooners in summer 2021.  He’s chosen locations that offer romantic views, sandy beaches, sunshine, and plenty of luxurious places to stay, so you can be confident that any holiday from this list will be well worth the wait.



Corsica is a dreamy island with rugged, mountainous scenery and blue seas to rival any you’ll find in the Tropics — without the long-haul flight, that is.  The coastline is stunning, with plenty of luxurious seafront hotels and resorts that are ideal for honeymooners looking to get away from it all.  If you get bored of lounging by the pool, there are also lots of idyllic seaside fishing villages, as well as hikes and trails to explore further inland.  Best of all, it’s not as well-known as other European beauty spots, meaning it’s still relatively unspoilt and not too touristy.

While Corsica is a French territory, it’s located just to the north of Italian island Sardinia, which means it offers a unique blend of both cultures.  And, as you might expect from an island with both French and Italian influences, the food is nothing short of spectacular, particularly the seafood.  Some of the best dining on the island can be found on the coast, where humble taverns and beachfront restaurants will cook up the catch of the day right on the beach.

The currency is the euro, and most places across the island now take credit or debit card payments.  However, some restaurants and bars in the more remote mountain villages may only accept cash payment, so be sure to have some spending money with you.



There really is something for everyone in Bali, an Indonesian island with forested volcanic mountains, terraced rice paddies, white sandy beaches, and coral reefs aplenty.  History lovers and culture vultures will enjoy visiting temples and ancient ruins, while urban explorers will love soaking up the atmosphere in the busting cities of Kuta and Denpasar.  If you and your fiancé prefer getting active on holiday, there are also plenty of adventurous activities to keep you occupied, from surfing to white water rafting and treks through the forest.

The local currency is the Indonesian rupiah. Most of the tourist areas accept credit and debit cards, but many smaller businesses prefer to take cash.  ATMs are available in all the traveller hotspots, but they often charge a small fee, so you may prefer to take all of your spending money with you.


The Maldives

If your ideal honeymoon is relaxing in a secluded island paradise, then it’s got to be the Maldives.  This island nation in the Indian Ocean is made up of over 1000 idyllic coral islands, complete with white sand, turquoise sea, swaying palm trees, and year-round warm weather.

Plus, of the 202 islands that are inhabited, 100 are exclusive luxury island resorts.  So, when it comes to finding a luxurious base for your once in a lifetime getaway, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice.  There are retreats where you can soak up the sun on your very own beach, to over-water private huts with their own pools.  At some resorts, you’ll even have private staff to wait on you hand and foot.  So, if you’re after luxury and some serious R&R, the Maldives could be the honeymoon destination for you.

The local rufiyaa is the most widely accepted currency, although dollars may also be accepted in most resorts.  If you plan on staying in the resort, you probably won’t need to take much cash, although you will need some spending money if you plan to explore the neighbouring islands by ferry.

We went to the Malidve on holiday last year for my 50th birthday and it was absolutely amazing.  So I can highly recommend this option – let me know if you’d like to chat about it!!  And here’s a pic from our holiday.   

Kandolhu in the Maldives

St. Lucia

With sandy white beaches, spectacular mountains, and lush rainforests, St. Lucia is often said to be the most romantic Caribbean island, so where could be better for a swoon-worthy honeymoon?  Located in the Eastern Caribbean between Martinique and Saint Vincent, this stunning volcanic island is best known for its incredible scenery, particular the UNESCO World Heritage Piton mountains which tower over Soufriere Bay.

St. Lucia has more than just beautiful views, though.  The island has a rich multicultural heritage, with a vibrant blend of Creole, French, African, and English influences, and the historic towns of Castries and Soufriere are well worth a visit. If you or your partner are chocoholics, be sure to check out one of the islands working cocoa plantations, where you can learn more about chocolate production (and try a sample or two).  Or, if you’re all about chilling out, there are a number of spas where you can enjoy a detoxifying mud bath in a natural volcanic sulphur spring.

The currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, although US dollars are also accepted at many places across the island.  A 10% service charge is typically added to the bill at most restaurants and hotels, but there’s no need to leave an additional tip.

If you’re considering honeymoon destinations, then any of these is sure to tick all the boxes.  Just take your pick, and start saving for the holiday of a lifetime!

I hope this has inspired you all a little bit – do let me know where you choose for your honeymoon.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding