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How Does a Wedding Planner help with a Marquee Wedding? 

Following my recent blog about planning a marquee or teepee wedding, I thought it might be helpful this week to focus on the ways a wedding planner will help with a marquee wedding. How a planner can help with a marquee or tipi wedding

A lot of couples start planning this type of wedding and part way through they realise just how much there is to do.  It’s never too late to get help if this happens to you.  Most planners offer a partial planning service where they can pick up the reins at whatever stage you’ve got to. 

But getting some help early on can really make the whole thing so much easier for you.  Let’s look at some of the key areas where a planner will be able to help you. 



Finding a venue can be quite challenging for a marquee wedding if you don’t have privately owned land which is big enough.  Your wedding planner will have contacts with suitable land owners.  She’ll also know the local venues where you are allowed to pitch a marquee. 

This will save you hours researching the options.  And is also likely to save you money as she will know which are the better value options.  You really need to get your venue in place before you do anything else. 

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The Structure & The Essential Items

Your planner will work with you and your marquee or tipi company to work out the best structure for you and what size you will need.  This will be dependent upon your guest numbers as well as your plans for the day.  They will consider if you want a chill out area, a dance floor, what style of table set up and how much room your caterers will need. 

On top of the actual marquee you will need other items such as the generator, toilets, lighting etc. Your planner can source the best options for you for these items as well.  Again, she’ll know the local options and which ones are best suited to you. 

Extra Tip:  find out up front if your planner accepts commission.  If they do, make extra sure you’re happy with their recommendations.  I don’t accept commission so you know if I’m recommending a supplier, it’s because I think they’re a good fit for you and I trust them. 


The Planning Period

Once you have your venue and marquee sorted, your planner will help you to choose the remaining suppliers that you will need.  She’ll review your contracts with all your suppliers to make sure you have no gaps in services being provided. 

She will help you to prioritise your decisions, help you to manage your budget and ensure you have everything in place that you need for this type of wedding.  Your planner will also ensure there are contingency plans in place to deal with things like bad weather. 

Throughout the planning you’ll have a shoulder to lean on and a safe place to ask those niggly little questions that crop up.   Ahead of the big day, your planner will also create a detailed schedule for your wedding which will include the set up, the day itself as well as the clear down after the wedding. 

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The Set Up

Set up will usually commence in the week leading up to your wedding so your planner will be on site to oversee everything.  She will have detailed plans for the set up and will ensure that everything arrives on time and is set up correctly. 

If there are any items missing or if an incorrect item is sent, your planner will be on the ball getting this fixed ahead of the wedding day. 


On The Day

On your wedding day, your planner will work tirelessly to make sure everything goes to plan.  As with any wedding, your planner will be there before any of your suppliers and will be ensuring all the final details are in place. 

She will manage your suppliers and the schedule for the day.  She’ll deal with any questions or issues as well providing support to you and your guests. 

It’s difficult to list every single thing that she will do.  But some of the key elements will include things like co-ordinating different teams, such as your bar staff and catering team.  Whilst your planner isn’t managing these people, she will make sure that they are doing what they agreed in their contracts.  Things like clearing dirty glasses away.  It needs to be kept on top of and your planner will keep an eye on things like this. 

She will make sure the mobile toilets are kept tidy, that there’s enough water in them and that there’s sufficient loo roll and paper towels. 

If needed she’ll do the emergency dash for more wine or beer.  Yes it happens!   Despite the best planning and calculating, deciding how much alcohol to buy is not an exact science.

Your planner will obviously be sober and be able to run out to top up supplies if needed.  Again she’ll keep an eye on the levels so can head out before you actually run out. And she’ll always get your permission first and agree how much you’re happy to spend. 

All of this (and more) means that you can completely relax and enjoy your wedding day without having to worry about a thing. 

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Sound Good?

Does this sound like something you would benefit from?  Then what are you waiting for?  Get in touch and lets work out what help you need.  I absolutely love marquee and tipi weddings and thrive on the extra challenges they bring.  I do know some planners won’t do them due to this but not me! 


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding