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How To Choose Your Bridesmaid’s Dresses


Choosing your bridesmaid’s dresses can be quite a challenge.  Especially if you have quite a few of differing ages, shapes and heights. How to Choose Your Bridesmaid's Dresses

Now obviously you need to have chosen your bridesmaids before you can even start thinking about this.  You can find more advice about choosing your squad here.

Here are my top tips for making the shopping process as easy as possible.


Choose your dress first

It’s a good idea to choose your wedding dress before you start thinking about bridesmaid dresses.  You want to be confident that the style you choose for your bridesmaids will complement the style of your dress and your overall look for the day.  So don’t be pressured into going shopping for their dresses before you are ready.



As with everything in wedding planning you need to set a budget.   If you are paying for the dresses, set your budget per dress and don’t look at anything outside your budget.

If your bridesmaids are paying for their own dresses or contributing to the cost, then make sure you know how much each girl is happy to pay.  Then use the lowest amount as your budget for everyone.  This way, no one is pressured into spending more than they can afford.

Make sure you’ve had the conversation and who is paying for what before you go shopping.  You don’t want any awkward conversations in the changing rooms and anyone being upset about the cost.

Bridesmaids in blush & ivory dresses


Give yourself plenty of time to find the right dresses.  If they’re not high street dresses you may need to order them so there will be a lead time for them to arrive.

And you need to factor in time for any alterations that are needed too.


Styles & Colours

Unless your bridesmaids are all the same shape, size and height – highly unlikely! – then chances are that one style might not suit all.  Multi way dresses are a great option as they can be worn on many styles to make sure they suit everyone.

Or you could opt for the same colour but different styles for each bridesmaid.  This can be slightly more challenging unless you find a dress which has style options all made in the same fabric.  If you buy different dresses, then the colours might be slightly different.

Another option is to have your bridesmaids in complimentary but different colours.  This allows you to use a couple of colour within your wedding palette and gives you some flexibility on styles too.

It’s worth taking some time to consider these options.  You want your bridesmaids to look and feel great and if the dress isn’t right for their shape, then they’re going to feel uncomfortable all day.  This will show up in the photos too so make sure they’re all happy with what they’re going to be wearing.

Bridesmaids in Navy Dresses


Make It A Fun Day

Agree a date when you’re all available to go shopping and make a day of it.  Maybe book somewhere nice for lunch to refuel part way through the day.  But don’t have too much prosecco or you might end up choosing the wrong dress!!

Where to Shop?

Many bridal boutiques also stock bridesmaid’s dresses.  You will usually have to order these in so be aware of lead times.  But they will usually have a good selection of colours and sizes for you to see and try,

Alternatively you can look for high street options.  Plenty of places stock bridesmaids dresses or dresses which are suitable for bridesmaids.  Try places like Ghost, Quiz, House of Fraser and online options like Asos and Coast.



Pregnant Bridesmaid Quite often, if you have adult bridesmaids, one of them may fall pregnant during the time you are planning your wedding.  Or be due to have a baby shortly before your wedding.

So you need to be prepared for this happening.  If you are dealing with this, talk to your bridesmaid about what style of dress she thinks she will be more comfortable in.  If she will be breastfeeding for example, her dress needs to allow for this.

For bridesmaids who will be pregnant on your wedding day, empire line dresses are a great option to accommodate a growing bump.  It’s difficult to predict what size someone will be a few months down the line so a dress with some flexibility like the multiway ones may be a good option.



Think About Their Ages

If you have a mixture of ages, children, teens and adults then you need to factor this into the styles. Children and young teenagers won’t look right in the same style as adult bridesmaids.  This is definitely one where you will need to think about complementary styles and maybe even different colours.

You can see my tips here for choosing dresses for flower girls too.Flower Girl














The Season

Take into account  the season that you’re getting married in.  If it’s a winter wedding, maybe consider long sleeved dresses and/or add a shawl or throw to keep them warm.

Conversely if it’s a summer wedding, opt for lighter fabrics and colours to help keep them cool.


The Finishing Touches

The right jewellery and shoes can complete an outfit and transform the look of a dress.  So if you’re thinking the dress is a bit plain, try adding some statement jewellery.  Or if the dress has plenty going on, then subtle jewellery may complement it better.

The chances of all your bridesmaids being able to wear the same style of shoe is probably quite slim so be prepared to let them choose their own style.  It’s nice for them to have the same colour but if their dresses are floor length, their shoes are not really going to be visible anyway.  And remind them, they’re going to be on their feet for a lot of the day so they need to be comfortable.

Bridesmaids in pale blue dre

I hope this helps to take away some of the complexity and you have fun choosing the perfect dresses for your bride tribe.  But if you need more one to one support with your planning, then why not get in touch to chat about how I can help you.  I have a range of services tailored to your needs so there’s something for everyone!


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding