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How to Have an Unplugged Wedding


Many couples are choosing to have an ‘Unplugged’ wedding but what does this actually mean and how do you achieve it? 

Generally speaking it’s about asking your guests to put down their phones and cameras and just be present.  But there are different options and obviously it’s up to you what you’d prefer. How to Have an Unplugged Wedding

Some couples are asking their guests specifically not to take any photos during the ceremony.  So many professional images are ruined by people standing in front of the photographer with their iphones.  Or you see a photo of guests but all that you can see is their phones covering their faces!

Other couples are asking guests not to post any images on social media until after they have posted their own picture and confirmed their new status to the world. 

Think carefully about banning photos altogether as sometimes the candid guest shots are fabulous – your photographer can’t be in all places at once after all. Whatever you decide to do make it clear though what your request is and be very specific whenever you communicate it. 

So how do you go about making sure your guests are aware of your wishes? 


Start Early

Include a note in your wedding invitations (or on your wedding website if you have one).  Set your expectations from the outset so your guests know how you want the day to run. Be polite but point out what your preferences are with regards to photos and social media. 


Wedding Signs

It’s quite easy to display a chalkboard or pre-printed sign at your venue to remind guests that you don’t want them to take photos.  Or to not upload any until you have. 

Equally if you’re happy with images being taken later in the day but would like them all in one place, you can create your own wedding hashtag and ask guests to use this hashtag when they upload pictures to Instagram. 

Unplugged Wedding Sign

Image Credit: Hannah Duffy Photography. Unplugged Sign: Merrie & Bright


Order of Service

If you’re having a printed order of service for your day, you can include the details in here again.  The more places you do so the better in my opinion as people don’t always read everything!


An Announcement

This is actually likely to be one of the best ways to get your message across!  People do tend to listen more to people in authority so asking your registrar or vicar to make an announcement before the ceremony starts. 


Share Your Professional Photos

Most people like to have photos as a momento of your special day so sharing your professional photos is a great way to ensure they have those memories. You could do this via a Facebook album for instance.  Maybe just put in a small number of your personal shots but include all the guest shots from the reception, speeches and dancing (if your photographer stays into the evening)


A PhotoBooth?

If you’re asking guests to not take any photos at all, you might want to consider a photo booth so they can at least get some pictures from the day of themselves. 


I hope this helps you to achieve the day you want.  As ever you can find lots more advice and help on my blog or you can contact me if you’re interested in some personalised support with your wedding plans.  


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding