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How To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

Today I’m looking at some options for you to preserve your wedding bouquet after your big day.

Most couples save lots of things from their wedding for sentimental reasons.   Things like stationery, wedding favours and cards are very easy to keep and store.  If you’re having fresh flowers in your wedding bouquet, it’s a little bit harder than putting them in a nice box but there are ways to preserve them.How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

I really regret not doing this with mine, I only managed to dry some of the petals which I have in a little frame.

Here are some tips for preserving yours.  If you’re going on honeymoon straight after your wedding, you might need to ask someone to help you.


Air Dry Your Bouquet

This is a great option for keeping your bouquet in it’s original shape.

Tie your bouquet together tightly and then hang it upside down somewhere dry for a couple of weeks.  Somewhere like the airing cupboard is idea.  The flowers will dry out thoroughly and retain their shape.

You can then keep them in a vase so you can see them constantly.

Dried Flowers & Perfume Bottle

Press the Individual Flowers

You can press some or all of the flowers from your bouquet and then frame them.

To do this, lay the individual flowers on baking/greaseproof paper inside the pages of a heavy book. Spread the flowers out so you will probably need to use several pages.  Add another layer of baking paper on the top of the flowers.

Then close the book, put more heavy books or other items on top of it and leave it alone for about 7 to 10 days.  Be careful when you open the book as the flowers can be a bit delicate.


Preserve with Silica Gel

Silica Gel is the product inside the little sachets that you gets inside new handbags.  It’s a porous sand that absorbs the water and will dry your flowers in around a week.

It’s a great option as it keeps the flowers in their original shape.  You can buy it from somewhere like Amazon but make sure you buy actual gel, not the little sachets it normally comes in.

Make a base of gel in a large air tight container.  Put your bouquet into the base.  Then pour more gel around the flowers to fill the container.  Make sure your flowers don’t get squashed during this bit.

Seal the container and leave the flowers for about a week.  When you take them out, you can then spray them with hairspray for a final protective layer.


Pastel Wedding Bouquet

Preserve Your Bouquet with Wax

This is a bit trickier than the other options so would be worth practising on some ‘normal’ flowers before you do this on your wedding bouquet.

You need to melt some paraffin wax in a pan or microwave and then dip your flowers gently into the wax.  Remove them immediately and then hang upside down for them to dry.  This process will keep your flowers good for up to 6 months.

I found a video on You Tube which shows you the process too.


Have Your Bouquet Painted

Another option is to have a painting done of your bouquet.  Whilst it’s not saving the actual flowers, it’s still a lovely personal keepsake.  Look for local artists who offer this service, I also know a few florists who do this too.


Boho Wedding Bouquet

Flower Preservation Globes

I found a company on Instagram – The Flower Preservation Workshop –  who make your flowers made into a paperweight or globe.  I love this idea and they look amazing, see their images here.

You need to send your flowers to them as soon as possible after your wedding.  They can accept the flowers up to a week after your wedding.

I think this would make a lovely wedding present actually.

I hope this gives you some ideas for saving your wedding bouquet.  And remember, if you need help with any part of your wedding planning get in touch to see how I can help.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding