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Looking After Your Wedding Guests

How will you be looking after your wedding guests?

When you’re planning a wedding, we all know there’s lots to think about.  And I always encourage couples to put themselves first.  Plan the day that you want, not what other people think you should have. Wedding Guests Releasing Heart Balloons

But you do need to give some thought to the day that your wedding guests will have. It’s a long day and it pays to think about ways to keep your guests happy.  If they’re happy, they’ll make your day more relaxed and enjoyable.

So here are my top tips for looking after your wedding guests.



Your wedding day will fly by in a whirl of congratulations, kissing, photo taking, cutting cake etc, etc.

But your guests won’t be as busy as you.  So try to think about how they will be entertained at various stages of the day.  This doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either.

Some outdoor games always go down well.  Or what about a quiz that your guests can do through the day with a small prize later on? Magicians and caricaturists are ever popular as well as photo booths.

It also helps if guests know what time things are happening.  So you might want to consider an order of service to hand out.  Or just have one large sign in your venue that tells everyone what time things will be happening.


Food & Drink

Your ceremony time will also dictate the timings for the rest of your day.  Sometimes you have little choice with your ceremony time if your registrar is busy.

So if your ceremony is over lunchtime, it’s good to include some food like canapes in your drinks reception.  This will keep everyone going until they sit down for the wedding breakfast.

Hungry guests often equal grumpy and/or drunk guests so keep them fed throughout the day.

Also make sure there are places for people to sit down during the drinks reception. Not everyone can stand for that length of time and it can be awkward for people to have to ask for a seat or go and sit away from everyone else in the only available seating.

Make sure you have soft drinks available throughout the day as well as tea and coffee.

Looking after your wedding guests - providing seating for your guests


The Little Extras

The little extra touches go a long way to keep everyone happy and comfortable.

If you have children at your wedding, providing an activity pack for them will help to keep them occupied.  You can read more tips here for keeping the children happy.

Providing flip flops for the dancing in the evening is always popular.  You can pick them up really cheaply too.  Buy a mixture of sizes but don’t buy enough for every guest.

Most men won’t bother with them, some women will stay in their heels and some may even bring flat shoes with them to change into.

A basket in the bathrooms with things like plasters, deodorant, mints are always appreciated.  But don’t put any pain killers in them, especially if you have children attending your wedding.

Looking after your wedding guests - Child blowing bubbles at a wedding


Travel and Accommodation

If you have guests who are travelling a long way and will need to stay over, then it’s always helpful to suggest a few places for them to stay near your venue.  And a mix of budgets in the list is even better.

If your guests need to travel between your ceremony and reception venue, then share details of the local taxi companies with them. Alternatively you might consider providing transport between the two if your budget allows it.



Surprising your guests is always a great way to keep them entertained.  Acts like singing waiters are always great fun and really get your guests involved.

You could practice a great first dance or get your bridal party to perform a flash mob.  At our wedding my sister and niece surprised us by re-writing the lyrics to ‘No place we’d rather be’ and singing that to us!

Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy


Chill Out Zone

Not everyone will want to dance all night.  So providing a comfortable seating area, somewhere a bit quieter, is a nice touch.  Especially if you have older relatives who may want to sit and chat.

You can also provide blankets for people to use later on in the evening if it gets a bit chilly.


Evening Food

It’s surprising how much food people get through in wedding day.

It’s usual to provide some food during the evening.  Many couples opt for a buffet but you could consider alternatives like pizza or a fish and chip van.

If you’re planning to party on until the early hours, it might also be worth providing some midnight snacks.  Maybe bacon sandwiches or a donut wall?

I hope this gives you some good ideas for looking after your wedding guests and making sure they have a great day.  I’d love to hear any ideas you have or maybe things that you’ve experienced at other weddings?

If you need some help to plan your ideal wedding, then why not have a look at my wedding planning services?  They’re all bespoke and tailored to your needs so you’ll only pay for the help you really need.  Drop me a line to chat more about the help you need, I always love to chat to couples about their wedding day.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding