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Music is generally a big part of most weddings and can really set the mood for your day.   It’s important to plan the music at your wedding and be aware of what you will need.

Hearing one of your wedding songs in the future will instantly transport you back to that magical day – so choose wisely!

Let’s think about what you may want for the the different stages of your day:


Getting Ready Playlist

Why not put together a fun playlist for you and your bridesmaids to play while you’re getting ready.  Include lots of fun sing along songs to get you all excited for the day ahead.  Ask one of your bridesmaids to bring a speak along if there’s nothing available where you’re getting ready.


Church Weddings

You will need music for several parts of a church wedding.

This is typically for your entrance, the signing of the register and your exit as a newly married couple.

Talk to your vicar or priest about your options.  You don’t have to have hymns if you prefer more modern options but you do need to know what facilities the church has.  For example, the church may be able to support music being played from an iPod or CD.

Church Aisle


The church may have it’s own musicians or choir who could be part of your service.  Check with the vicar about their availability and costs (and that they can do the music you want).  The church musicians and/or the organist from the church are popular choices as their sound suits the acoustics of the church.

Most churches will allow you to have live music of your own choice, maybe a singer or a string quartet.  But again make sure you know that the church can accommodate them.  And check with the vicar/priest that they are happy with your type and choice of music.


Civil Ceremonies

You will also need music for the same elements of the service but this will either be recorded music played through the venue’s music system or you may choose to have a live band or singer.

You cannot have any religious music played at a civil ceremony so bear that in mind when making your choices.

Many couples also choose to have some music playing during the time their guests are gathering as well as during a drinks reception after the ceremony.

String quartets or harpists are popular at more formal weddings.  If you’re having a live band for the day they will usually be happy to play before and after the ceremony.

Generally couples choose songs which are meaningful to them.  Be sure you check the lyrics in the song before making your final decision.  And if you’re downloading versions of songs make sure it’s a radio edit so you can be sure it has no swearing in it!


Rock My Reception


Wedding Breakfast

Most couples choose to have some music played during their meal.  Talk to your venue to understand your options here.

They may have a good choice of background music they will play for you.  Or you could choose to put together a playlist for use during this part of the day.

If you make a playlist, choose suitable music as a backdrop to the meal – you might love rap music or heavy metal but chances are your guests won’t all be as keen – sorry!

If you have a live band they could play for you through the meal but if they are also playing in the evening, this could be a good chance to give them a break.


First Dance

Most couples still choose to have a first dance so make sure you have chosen this ahead of the day and your DJ or band know the song.  If you’re confident dancers, you might even practice a little routine to wow your guests here!

Music At Your Wedding - First Dance


Evening Reception

A live band or a DJ are still the most popular choices for the evening to get everyone up dancing.  Both options should allow you to pre-select some of the music so you know your favourites will be played.

You could also ask guests to choose songs before the wedding and pass on this list to the band or DJ.

For more laid back weddings, you might opt for a chilled out playlist for the evening.  Again check the facilities available at your venue to make sure your music is in the right format.

And remember you will need several hours of music to last throughout the evening so don’t underestimate how long it could take you to put this together.  Don’t leave this job until the week before your wedding!

Please, please, please always ensure you check with your venue about their music system to make sure your music is in the right format.  No point turning up with your Ipod or USB if they only have a CD player and vice versa.

Hopefully this will help you to create the perfect soundtrack to your day.   This is one of the many things that I can help you with, you can find more info on my planning services here.  And as ever get in touch if you’d like to chat through how I can help you with your big day.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding