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Planning a Proposal

Proposing to your better half is a big deal and deserves to have some time invested in planning the proposal event.  You want to make sure it goes really smoothly, whether it’s a surprise or not, and that the time and place suits you as a couple.

If you’re thinking about proposing anytime soon, here are my top tips for planning the big moment. Planning a Proposal



Being confident that your partner is as committed to this relationship as you is vital.  If you’ve got to this point you should have had some conversations about your future life together but if you haven’t maybe it’s time to start doing a bit of digging.  Maybe chat about some friends who have recently got engaged or sound out your partner on their views of marriage generally.


Their parents

In the ‘olden days’ a man would have to ask permission of the bride’s father to ask for her hand in marriage and would need to prove his worth.  Things have obviously moved on a lot but it’s still considered the right thing to do to consult your partner’s parents before you propose.


The Ring

Personally, I think it’s always better to have the ring to propose with.  Occasionally it’s not appropriate – maybe you know for example that your partner will really want to design their own.  In this scenario, at least have a token ring with you to complete the moment.

If you buy the ring before the proposal it’s important to insure it straight away.  You can usually add high value items like this to your existing contents insurance.

Take some time before the purchase to work out what style of your ring your partner will love.  Look at their other jewellery, if you can maybe take a peek at their Pinterest boards and chat to family and their best friends.

Working out what your partner’s ring size is can be a bit tricky. If they already have some rings, take note of what fingers they wear them on and then when you can, try them on your own hands and mark where they come to on your fingers.  A good jeweller should be able to work out from there what size they need.  And always ask about resizing options in case it’s not quite perfect.

You can find more info here on choosing an engagement ring.

Engagement ring

The Time & Place

It’s important to put some thought into this.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the videos on social media of proposals gone wrong – where the ring is dropped through a bridge or dropped into a river and swept away.

Typically you’ll think about places which are special to you as a couple, maybe where you went for a walk on you 1st date?  Or where you first spent a weekend away, your favourite restaurant maybe.  But you might go for somewhere your partner has always wanted to visit.

Consider the timing of the proposal as well.  Will the place be busy or noisy?  Will it be too dark?

And always, always have a wet weather plan if your location is outdoors.



If you have the budget, I would always recommend bringing along a professional photographer to capture the moment.  They will work with you to understand your plan and ensure your partner isn’t suspicious of someone hanging around with a huge camera around their neck!


Bring In A Professional

If your proposal plan needs a third party to set things up ahead of you arriving, then it might be worth considering hiring a proposal planner to help you out.  They will work through the logistics with you and consider any potential issues which you might not have thought about.  This will ensure the event is perfectly planned and runs like a dream.

I don’t advertise this service but I’m always happy to help with this type of event.

I hope this helps you to plan the perfect proposal.  And assuming they say yes! Then check out my series of blogs offering tons of advice for getting your wedding planning off to the best start.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding