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I know that many couples now ask for cash or contributions to their honeymoon rather than gifts.  Which makes sense if you already live together and have everything you need for your home.

However, if you do want a more traditional gift list, I always recommend Prezola to all my clients


What is Prezola?

Prezola is an online gift service which allows you to choose your gifts from a large range of brands.

The range of items and prices is so big that you could always replace a few of your older household items and/or ask for some special things you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself.

There’s an additional option for more than one guest to contribute to an item.  So if you want an expensive item you can make that work by setting it up for multiple guests to contribute towards it.

You can also add in cash, honeymoon and charity donations so it’s really flexible.  This means you can have a just a few really nice gifts and the rest in cash.  It’s really easy for you to put your list together and it’s straightforward for guests to choose and pay for a gift too.  

And even better – if you use the link from this page or use this code PZALHGKXFJH when you sign up you’ll get an extra £50 to spend when your guest spend reaches £200.  Sounds like a great deal to me!


Top Ten Gifts

I’m an official partner of Prezola and I spoke to them recently to find out what their most popular gifts are.    Here are the top ten things that other couples are currently adding to their lists.


1.  The White Company Artisan Dinnerware range.   You can’t go far wrong with white dinnerware and White Company is always a good choice.  White Company Artisan Range


2.  LSA International glassware.  LSA Glassware

Another quality brand with plenty of choice so maybe you could upgrade your glasses or add to your collection.







Sonos Speaker3.  Sonos speaker.  Great sound quality.

A wireless system that lets you stream all your music in any room.





Le Creuest Cast Iron Dish

4.  Le Creuset Cast Iron Dish.   We finally purchased one of these recently and it’s so lovely it was allowed to live on the kitchen worktop for a few weeks!  I’ve waited a long time to have this in my life 🙂





Apple iPad 5.  Apple iPad.   Doesn’t need much introduction does it?  But great to see the variety of things you could choose.




6.  Bottle of Champagne.  Lovely to save for your 1st anniversary.  Bottle of Champagne






Kitchen Aid Mixer


7. KitchenAid stand mixer.

These look fantastic on any kitchen worktop and they come in a wide range of colours so there’s one to suit everyone.




8.  Nutribullet.  Very popular blender for whole fruit & veg.  Nutribullet

Again maybe not an obvious choice for a gift list but why not choose things like this if you don’t need the more traditional wedding gifts.






9.  Shepherd Sheepskin throw.  I’d love this at the side of the bed – surely getting up on a cold morning would be easier if I had this to sink my toes into??


Sheepskin Rug


10.  The White Company Duvet.  White Company bedding is always such good quality and looks amazing.


White Company Bedding



So I hope this has given you some inspiration and shown you that there’s more to Prezola than plates and glasses – although they do have lovely plates and glasses!  All these gorgeous things and many more to choose from.  The hardest bit is narrowing down your choices!



Prezola Partner StampP.S this article contains an affiliate link to Prezola.  This means if you use the link and then set up an account with them, I will receive a small commission from them at no cost to you.  This helps to pay for the maintenance of all the free advice on my website.

Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding