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The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Post-Lockdown Wedding A Breeze

This past year has been unprecedented in many ways.  It’s scuppered travel plans, changed how we celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, and for many of you, it stopped your wedding plans in their tracks.  But thanks to coronavirus, we’re expecting there to be a wedding bonanza once restrictions are lifted.  Planning a post covid wedding brings some additional challenges. So let’s have a look at the extra things you might want to consider.Planning a post covid wedding


Know the Dos And Don’ts

This might seem like a no-brainer.  But when you get swept away in the excitement of finally getting to organise your long-awaited wedding, they can fall by the wayside.  But this will be to your detriment.

The guidance surrounding weddings during COVID changed constantly through 2020, often with very little notice.  And we’re already seeing changes as this 3rd lockdown starts to lift.

So you really need to set aside some time to read and understand the dos and don’ts for your post-lockdown celebrations.  And remember to bear in mind that things might have to change more than once.  It’s worth checking the guidelines on a regular basis.  And accepting from the start that there may be changes will help to reduce stress if the worst happens.


Get Friendly With Your Wedding Businesses

Whether you’ve already planned everything, and you’re just waiting for the green light.  Or you’re in the initial stages of your planning; it pays off to get on good terms with every business involved in your wedding.

We’re all used to it by now, but last-minute changes can scupper even the best-laid plans.  Especially if you’re not friendly with the people working on your wedding.

Taking the time to get to know them and the contingency plans they have in place for coronavirus will save you a headache in the future.  If stuff has to move and you’re friendly with the businesses or have even put a plan in place for such an occasion, everything will be much simpler.

And please be kind – everyone in the industry has a ridiculously challenging year.  Many have had 12 months with no income and are fighting to keep their business alive.

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Consider A Two-Part Wedding

Some couples would prefer to wait until they can do the whole hog in one go – big guest list and no restrictions. But others are chomping at the bit to waltz down the aisle – and I totally get it – you just want to be married now. If you’re in the latter category, it might be worth having your wedding in two parts.

You can have a beautiful and intimate ceremony with close family and friends present for the first part.  All within COVID-safe wedding guidelines.  And then when all restrictions are lifted, you can have the celebration to end all celebrations.

The beauty of this is you get the best of both worlds.  And it gives everyone a fantastic party at the end of all this.  And I think we’d all agree that we all deserve it!

Post Covid Wedding Planning - Raising a Glass


Think About When And Where

The when and where of your wedding is always a big deal.  And when planning a post covid wedding, it’s going to become even more so.  With some sort of restrictions likely to be in place, travelling to your wedding destination might not be the best option.

Destination weddings will likely cause some stress.  Restrictions on travel are still expected along with the possibility of you and your guests having to quarantine when you get back.

A two-part destination wedding could solve that problem, but you’ll probably find planning a barn wedding locally much easier.  Changing your ‘when’ to next year could see those restrictions wholly lifted, so it’s worth taking the time to consider.

Think about what are the most important things for your celebration.  For example, is dancing a priority for you or a big guest list.  Think about what are must haves for you and plan with that in mind.

The other consideration on timing is how busy suppliers are.  Many are now fully booked for 2021 and getting that way for 2022 too.  So if you want to get married soon you may need to shop around more to find suppliers.  Week days are likely to give you more success in this!


Get A Wedding Planner!!

Now obviously while I would recommend this for all weddings, it couldn’t be more essential post-lockdown if you have the budget for it.   Wedding planners know the ins and outs of COVID-safe wedding rules and will guide you through them and help you to adhere to them on your big day.  So they really can make your post covid wedding planning much easier.

This is on top of all the other benefits of working with a planner.  You can find out more here about how I can help you to enjoy your stress-free wedding experience.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding