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Three Month Countdown To Your Wedding


If it’s the last three months to your wedding, you’ll know it can be pretty full on.  No matter how organised you are, there’s always a lot of things that need to be completed near to your actual wedding date. Three Months To Your Wedding

So let’s have a look at the things you need to be thinking about to avoid a last minute rush and panic.  (This article is assuming you’re not planning a very last minute wedding)  And if you’ve done some of these things earlier then you get bonus points for your organisation skills!


Three Months Out

By now you should have all your suppliers in place.  So your venue, photographer, caterer, florist, cake designer etc will be booked and deposits paid.

Traditionally wedding invitations were sent 3 months before the wedding but with busy lives most couples send these earlier now.  So if you haven’t sent your invites by now, then you need to get them sorted soon!  If you have sent them you’ll be chasing for those missing RSVPs.

Once you’ve got all the RSVPs in you can get to work on your seating plan.  Obviously you can make a start before you get the final numbers and you can see more about that here.

It’s also time to be sorting out men’s suits as well as their shoes and tie and any other accessories for them.  Whether you’re hiring or buying don’t leave it until the last minute so there’s time for any alterations needed.

You also get the lovely experience of shopping for your wedding rings.  You’ve probably got an idea of what you want but there are some tips and advice here.

I’m going to assume you’ve got your wedding dress sorted (but if you haven’t please put this to the top of the list!) So now it’s time to be choosing your accessories like your veil, shoes, jewellery and underwear.

I’d also suggest, if you don’t already have one, that you make a clear list of how much you owe each supplier and when they need paying, along with any items you need to confirm with them.


Two Months To Go

With 2 months to go, your diary is probably pretty full with appointments such as your hair and make up trials.  Don’t leave them too late as you want chance to discuss – and maybe even trial – any changes you’d like with you hair and make up artists.

I’d also suggest that you make your beauty appointments now for your final treatments just before the wedding, things like hair and nails, so you know you’ve got the slot you wanted with your favourite therapists.

This month you also need to be choosing gifts for your bridal party (and anyone else who’s been a big help) and get those ordered.

You should have your final numbers by now so you can finalise that seating plan and then you can order your wedding day stationery.  This will include your physical seating plan, table numbers, name cards, welcome sign, guest book etc.

Your venue or caterer will probably be also asking you to confirm your numbers, and ask you to finalise your meal choices and drinks packages.

It’s also likely that you’ll be starting to have your dress alterations now (which means you need to have chosen your shoes!)

three months to your wedding

One Month Away

Okay this is all starting to feel really real now isn’t it!?  Hopefully you’re on track and you don’t have masses to do but even the most organised couple will have a fair amount as some things just have to happen later on.

This month a lot of the tasks are finalising things.  So you’ll be finalising your music for all aspects of your day.  You absolutely will be finalising numbers and choices with your venue if this didn’t happen last month.  You’ll need to finalise timings with all your wedding suppliers too.

Your florist will also need you to finalise your flower requirements so that they can order your flowers from their wholesaler.

As we then head into the final 2 weeks, you’ll be collecting your wedding dress and the men’s suits, maybe bridesmaids dresses too.

You’ll need to pay any final balances which are still outstanding to your suppliers.

Make arrangements to deliver your decorations, seating plan, table items etc to your venue for set up.   If you’re having a church wedding, there’ll be the rehearsal to slot into your diary too.

If you’re going on honeymoon, do your packing and collect your travel money.

And then a couple of days before the wedding pack your overnight bag if needed and try to allow some time to relax!

Phew – there’s quite a lot here and depending on your wedding plans you might have a high number of suppliers to finalise things with.  For example if you’re having a marquee wedding you’ll have a lot of extra suppliers.  And the build of your wedding will start a few days before too so there’s more to be mindful of.


Getting Some Help

Remember it’s never too late to get some help with your planning so even if it’s 3 months or less to your wedding you don’t need to struggle on your own.  Wedding Day Management allows you to hand over a lot of the last minute work to me and means you’ve got someone there on the day to run your wedding day so you can just relax and enjoy the day.

Or if you’ve got a lot more to do than you should have and are worrying you’re not going to get it all done, then maybe partial planning is a better option for you?  You can hand over as much as you like to me and it also includes Wedding Day Management.

Get in touch if this extra help sounds good and we can have a chat about what help you need.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding