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Top tips for putting together your wedding list

Looking to make a wedding gift list full of presents that you’ll treasure for years to come? In this article, Hayley Baddiley from the homeware and ceramics brand Denby, shares her top tips for creating the perfect wedding list for your big day. Creating Your Wedding Gift List

As there’s so much planning and prepping that goes into a wedding, the gifts may not be one of your top priorities.  But, wedding gifts give your guests a great opportunity to treat you on your special day.  And, these precious presents from your loved ones will act as a reminder of your big day for years to come, so it’s a good idea to dedicate some time to curating the perfect list.

Fortunately, making a list of gifts is a lot easier than you may think, and it’s a really fun job too!  If you’re looking for advice on creating a wedding gift list that works for both you and your guests, consider the following tips.


Opt for gifts that you’ll use

While wedding presents were once expected to be kept for best and only used on special occasions, more brides and grooms are opting for gifts that will get plenty of use.  Not only is this a sustainable choice that’s great for the planet, but it allows you to make the most of your presents.  After all, you’re receiving these gifts from the people you love the most, so you’ll want the chance to show them off!

The best bet when choosing gifts that’ll get plenty of use is to request practical presents, such as cookware and homeware.  Think about the items you have that already get a lot of use, whether it’s around the house, the garden, or even on holiday and consider what items you are missing.  And remember to include gifts that you’ll both get use out of, so the pair of you can be reminded of your special day whenever you use them.


Fill the list with items that will last

To be surrounded by reminders and mementos of your wedding for as long as possible, ask for durable gifts that will stand the test of time.  This is something that your guests will be happy with too, as they will want to treat you with high quality items to celebrate your marriage.

Opt for artisan, handcrafted gifts rather than mass-produced products, as these are made to last and are a more conscious choice.  If treated well, stainless steel cutlery and cooking utensils can stay in great condition for decades, and you’ll get plenty of use out of them too.

Creating Your Wedding Gift List

Choose presents with meaning

To make the most out of your wedding gifts, include items that have a personal touch.  Not only will you fall in love with these touching presents, but your guests will be pleased to gift you with items that have a special meaning to you both.

When deciding on gifts with a personal touch, there are plenty of things you can consider.  If you have a hobby that the pair of you enjoy doing together, such as baking or art, opt for products related to this, such as baking tins or  a new set of paints.  Or if you’d like to add an extra romantic gift, ask for something that reminds you of your first date.  For example, if you met at a bar, choose a beautiful set of wine glasses that you can use on your dates at home.


Take your time

Creating your wedding gift list is a fun part of wedding planning, so make sure to take the time to enjoy it!  Choosing these items with your significant other gives you both a chance to look beyond your big day.  You’ll be able to picture your future together, and maybe even consider how these gifts will fit in with any major life changes, whether that’s moving into a new place or starting a family.

Plus, if chosen well, these gifts will stand the test of time and be with you for years to come. So, slow down the decision process to find  perfect timeless items that will suit your lifestyle.

Hopefully these tips will help you choose gifts that you’ll treasure for years to come.

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