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Top Tips For Planning A Winter Wedding


A winter wedding is so magical.  Soft romantic candlelight coupled with a cosy comfortable venue is just so enticing.

But obviously there are some practicalities to consider.  So here are my top tips for planning your perfect winter wedding:Top tips for planning a winter wedding



Travel in winter is often more challenging for obvious reasons. 

·     Having your ceremony and reception in the same place makes a lot of sense in winter. Once you’re there you’re sorted 😊

·     Ask your guests to allow extra time for travel.  And ask your suppliers to do this and arrive earlier than usual.  And make sure if you’re booking any transport that they do the same.



·     Remember if it’s around Christmas that everyone is really busy so send your save the dates in good time to make sure your date is in their diaries.

·     Book your suppliers as early as you can.  They may be taking time off at Christmas or be busy with Christmas parties and events.

·     Speak to your photographer to make a plan of timings for your photos.  If you want some outdoor photos you’re going to need to plan them in early in your schedule to make sure you catch the daylight.



·     Candles provide the perfect addition to a winter wedding.  It will be dark early so make the most of it by having plenty of candles in your décor to add that soft, warm lighting.

·     Always check with your venue that you’re allowed candles before you buy them.  And make sure your venue or planner knows that they will need lighting in the afternoon.

·     Fairy lights are another great way to add atmospheric light to your venue.  Battery powered lights can be easily added to lots of places and don’t cost the earth either.  And you’ll be able to re-use them at home afterwards.

Botanical Winter Wedding - Woodborough Hall - Fireplace



·     If your wedding is near Christmas, ask your venue if they will have Christmas decorations in place.   If yes, ask what they will have and if you’re not happy with them, will they let you take them down?

·     Winter weddings are beautiful with rich colours like burgundy, dark green and gold or silver highlights.

·     A hint of tartan always looks lovely as well with winter colours.


Keeping  Warm

·     As long as you’re wearing a long dress, there’s no reason why you couldn’t wear thick tights or leggings under your dress.  Make sure they’re a light colour though!  You don’t want anything dark to show through your dress.

·     Having a fur shawl, a velvet cape or a knitted shawl to wear over your dress is a stylish way to keep warm too and will great on your photos.

·     Another little tip is to have some handwarmers to keep your hands warm in between photos. Blue hands won’t look great will they!?

·     Don’t forget your bridesmaids – all of the above tips can apply to them too

·     Think about your footwear carefully too.  Stylish boots are probably a much more practical option than some strappy sandals if you need to be outside at any point.

Bride with a Shawl At A Winter Wedding

Image: Ania Oska Photography


Guest comfort

·     Your guests will appreciate a hot drink on arrival.  And make sure they’re available throughout the day.

·     A hot chocolate station is a great way of providing comforting warm drinks too.

·     Provide some warm blankets for your guests to use.  In particular older guests will really appreciate this in the evening if they’re not on the dance floor.

·     Serve a hot meal to your guests at your wedding breakfast.  Comforting hot food is always welcome on a cold day.

·     As your guests will be arriving wearing coats, make sure there’s a suitable place in your venue for them to be put.  You don’t want winter coats draped over the back of everyone’s chairs during your reception.



·     Your skin and lips can take a bit of a beating in winter with the cold weather and central heating.  So make sure you invest in a good skincare routine and a lip balm and protect your skin and lips as much as possible.

I hope this helps you to plan your ideal winter wedding.  But if you think you need some help planning your perfect day, then why not get in touch.  I’d love to hear from you and chat about how my planning services can help you.  


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding