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Top Tips to Keep Your Dance Floor Full


You’ve had your ceremony, your wedding breakfast & speeches and your cake has been cut.  Now it’s time to hit the dance floor for party time.  But how do you ensure your guests are on the dancefloor throwing some shapes rather than sitting around chatting and drinking. 

Top Tips To Keep Your Dance Floor Full - Dance Floor Rules

Here are my tops tips for keeping the energy high and the dance floor full. 


Keep Your First Dance Short(ish)

If your first dance goes on for 5 minutes your guests are going to get a bit restless and start drifting away from the dance floor.  Keep it short and sweet and invite your guests to join you on the dance floor part way through. 

Last week I was working at a wedding where the couple chose ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ as their first dance. This worked really well as the tempo lifts part way through the song so that’s a great point to get your guests up and get the party started. 


Bride & Groom First Dance

Image Credit: Emily Olivia Photography


Don’t Interrupt the Dancing

It’s usually best if you don’t start the party until your wedding breakfast is finished, your cake is cut and any speeches are completed.  Interrupting the music do a bouquet throw for example is going to kill the mood so get everything done before the music really gets going. 


Set an example

If you’re not dancing, chances are a lot of your guests are not.  Guests pay attention to where you are and they want to be near you. 

So make sure you’ve done everything you need to do, like cutting the cake, before the music starts and then just enjoy it. 

Now obviously you can’t be on the dance floor the whole night so ask your bridal party to help to keep the energy levels going by being on the dance floor. 


Music choices

You’re going to have to allow some music that might not be your preferred style.  You might be seriously into heavy metal for example but chances are a lot of your guests won’t be. 

So make sure you’re not being too narrow minded with the choices.  Do let your DJ or Band know though if there are specific songs that you absolutely don’t want to hear.  Your DJ or band should know what songs are great for getting people up and keeping them up. 

You can also find ‘top ten floor fillers’ here from acoustic duo Rock my Reception. 



Make sure there’s enough space for your guests on the dancefloor.  You can usually expect around 30 – 40 % of guests to be dancing at any one time.  You don’t want people to be falling over each other but you also don’t want them to feel lost on a vast dance floor. 

As a guide, if you have 150 guests, and assume around 50 of them will be dancing at once, you will need a dance floor around 15ft square for them to be comfortable. 

And don’t forget to include some extra space for your DJ or band.  Check with them how much space they will need for their equipment.   

Bride & Groom and guests on the dance floor

Image & DJ: Mark Potter of Bluemarket Entertainment



Don’t have the lighting too bright in the dance floor area.  More subtle lighting makes it feel less like people are on stage and they’ll feel more comfortable. 


Avoid the Ipod

Having a professional band or DJ isn’t just about saving you time creating a playlist. 

Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious.  They are professionals and know how to read the room.  They’ll assess what styles of music are  working well with your guests and are also able to take requests on the night.

Using an ipod playlist often means you have gaps between songs which is really not good for dancing. And you can’t take requests without messing about looking for the song someone wanted and risking a big gap in the music while you do it!

Wedding Party on the Dance floor

Image & DJ Dan Nicolson of


Give Guests a Choice

Give your guests an opportunity to request their favourite songs ahead of the wedding day and they’re guaranteed to get up for their request.  Once they’re up there, chances are they’ll stay put. 

You’ll need to pass the requests to your band or DJ ahead of the day.  This gives them chance to make sure they know the songs or they have them in their music system.  You can obviously vet their choices too so if they’ve requested a song you detest, just don’t pass it on to your DJ or band!


Avoid Drinks on the Dance Floor

If guests bring drinks onto the dance floor, inevitably there will be spillages and possibly broken glasses.  This means you’re going to have to clear the dance floor while it all gets cleaned up (often by your wedding planner!!) 

This is going to break the mood and you’ll probably find that people drift off to get another drink or go to chat to people. 

I hope this helps to ensure you all have a great night.  

You can get 1-1 help with all aspects of your wedding planning if you need it, you can see more about my services here.  And there’s lots more advice on my blog.  


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding