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Top Tips To Live Stream Your Wedding


Over the last couple of years the need to live stream weddings has increased dramatically.  While guest numbers were limited due to Covid restrictions, many couples chose to live stream their wedding ceremony to their friends and family who weren’t allowed to attend.

Hopefully now there will be less need for this but there are still occasions when it’s a great idea.  For example, if you have family overseas who can’t travel to attend in person or if you have someone who isn’t well enough to be there.

I would say though, make sure you only use this option in circumstances where it’s just not possible for people to be there.  I wouldn’t offer this option on your invites for example or make it a public announcement that people can watch if they want.  Keep it simple and focussed to ensure the people who really matter can virtually attend.

So here are a few tips to help you manage the process:


Ask Your Videographer


If you’re having a videographer ask them if they can take charge of the live streaming.  See my tips below but they can set it up ahead of the ceremony so it won’t interfere with their filming of your service.

If you’re not having a videographer or they’re not happy to do this, then it’s still feasible to make this happen. how to live stream your wedding


Here are some more DIY tips to help you.

– There are plenty of DIY streaming services, like Zoom, Google meet, Teams, Skype so choose the one which works best for you.  For example, the free version of Zoom will disconnect after 40 minutes if there are more than 2 people in the call.

– Ask a capable guest to take charge of the streaming.  You need someone who is calm and happy to get there early to set things up.

– Check with your venue that they are happy for you to stream, especially if you’re getting married in church.

– Test the wifi at your venue before the wedding day

– Connect the device to the wifi on the day of the wedding well ahead of the ceremony to give time to iron out any connectivity issues

– If you’re streaming from a phone, use a tripod to keep it steady throughout so you can set it up and leave it alone.  Set it up behind and just to one side of the officiant so there’s a clear view of you two.

– Start the streaming around 15 minutes before your ceremony so that you’re not getting in the way of the service.

– Make sure the live streaming link only goes to the specific guests, don’t make it public.

– Make sure you put the participants on mute – the last thing you need is some random comments or background noise during your vows.

– Finally, this is a personal choice but I think it’s probably sensible to just live stream the actual wedding service.  Your guests probably won’t want to be live streamed while they’re eating and dancing.  It might be feasible to live stream the speeches if you wanted as everyone is in one place for those so that could work in the same way as the ceremony.

I hope these tips help you to make sure your loved ones can still watch you get married.  Good luck!

You can get more planning advice here or find out how I can help you with your planning if you need more one to one support.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding