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Wedding Engagement Tips

Sometimes you just know that your partner is going to propose.  Maybe you’ve discussed it?  Or maybe you can just sense it.Wedding Engagement Tips

And then sometimes it’s a complete shock.

Did you know that Christmas & New Year as well as Valentines Day are the most popular times to get engaged?  So do you think you might be receiving a proposal this Christmas? And are you prepared for if it does happen?

A few top tips for you if you do get asked that magical question (assuming that you say yes!)

– Tell your family before you splash it all over social media.  Your partner might have warned your family, and maybe asked for permission from your parents, but even so you must tell your loved ones before the wider world.

– Enjoy this time and celebrate together – and where possible with your family.  Don’t feel any pressure to do anything more right now, just enjoy this special time.

– DO NOT start planning your wedding.  I’ve got a series of blogs which will guide you when it’s time but don’t rush in and make any rash decisions.

– You’re likely to get asked a lot about when and where you’ll get married.  So it might be worth having an answer ready that will just hold people at bay for now.

– And finally, just in case you’re expecting a proposal – it’s probably worth getting making sure your nails look great for those photos!

If you are newly engaged, I’d love to hear your engagement story so leave me a comment and share the love.  And you can sign up to my blog so you never miss out when there’s a new blog available for you – I promise not to spam you about anything else as well.

And the last point from me – Congratulations!!


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding