It’s not that long ago that hiring a wedding planner was very much an American thing.  It was quite unusual here in the UK but we’ve caught up now! Things have changed – a lot. hiring a wedding planner

More and more couples are recognising the benefit of working with a planner and we’ve seen huge growth in this area of the industry.

So when is hiring a wedding planner the right choice for you?



The top 2 reasons people hire a planner:


Number 1 – time constraints

I know that more and more of you are short on time with busy jobs and family life.  Planning a wedding takes up a good chunk of time every week which many couples just don’t have available these days.  The average wedding needs 250 hours of planning!

Could you find enough spare hours every week?  Do you need to put that extra strain on your already busy schedule?


Number 2 – the need to introduce professional organisation skills.

Does the thought of planning your own wedding bring you out in a cold sweat?  Do you have no idea where to start, never mind what to do in what order?

Don’t underestimate the amount of planning needed to deliver a wedding.  Even a small wedding will still need serious planning – chances are you will still need the same amount of suppliers.  So if planning isn’t your bag then read on.

Other popular scenarios where people choose to have a planner include:

Signing the register, Burnsall wedding


–      Not getting married in your home location – planning a wedding from abroad or the other end of the country, is particularly challenging and having someone ‘on the ground’ will make a huge difference.

–      Getting married in less than 6 months – it’s doable but you’re going to need some help to get through that ‘to do’ list.

–      Having a big wedding (e.g. 100 or more day guests) – there’s a lot to do, especially on your wedding day, to look after so many people.

–      Planning a marquee/tipi or dry hire wedding – this is definitely one where you’ll need help, so many more logistics and suppliers to manage.


These all need more planning or time commitment so it’s definitely worth considering a planner if you’re in one or more of these groups.

Ok Louise, some of you may be saying – “that sounds great but how does it all work?”


The initial consultation – getting to know each other

When you first contact a planner they should offer you an initial consultation (usually free of charge).  This gives you chance to meet up, talk through your plans and be sure that you are right for each other.  It’s really important that you and your partner like the wedding planner and trust her to do the best job possible for you.

You’ll be spending a lot of time together over the the coming months so make sure you choose someone you connect with.  Your planner should take time to get to know you both and understand your vision for the day.  You can read more here about what to expect in your consultation.


Louise Wearmouth, Yorkshire Wedding Planner


Spending your money wisely

If you are a naturally private person – be prepared – your planner will want to talk money with you.   She’ll create and manage your budget for you so you need to be honest with her about this.  So many couples underestimate the importance of this and have to make painful decisions later on as they simply have no money left.

Your planner will provide a guide as to how much things are likely to cost so she can help you allocate your budget on the things which are most important to you.

Finding the right suppliers for your wedding can be a bit of a minefield – how do you know who to trust?  How do you know you’re not being ripped off?   Your planner will be able to recommend her trusted suppliers to you and will work with them throughout to ensure they are on track and understand your requirements.

Rest assured though, you will retain full control of the design of your day.  Your planner will help to bring together your design ideas but the decisions sit with you.

She’ll make sure everything will work together as well as suggesting other ideas for you to think about.  All the plans will be reviewed and agreed by you so you don’t need to worry about losing control of your day.


Dry Hire Wedding - Black & Gold Table setting with hot pink details


It’s all in the details

Another key skill a planner will bring to the party is their attention to detail.  They will ensure that you’ve booked everything you need and that nothing has been missed.  They will put together a detailed plan of your day and share it with all suppliers.  And they will be there throughout the big day to make sure this plan is executed perfectly.

The exact list of things a planner will do will vary depending on your ideas and your individual wedding plans so be sure you are clear about what your planner is and isn’t going to do for you.

Your planner will take the strain during your wedding planning journey so you can relax and know that you are in safe hands.  They will provide advice and support and should be there to hold your hand throughout.

…and that’s it at a high level.  There’s tons more info here on the type of things I can do on your behalf and lots of advice on my blog.  But I’m always happy to discuss your needs with you, my planning services are all bespoke so they are tailored to your needs.  You will never pay for services that you don’t need or want.  My contact details are here – I’d love to hear from you and chat about how I might be able to help you.


(Originally published in October 2017)