The weather is the one thing you cannot control for your wedding.  But you can plan for it so you are better prepared to deal with whatever is thrown at you.Wedding plans for any weather

It’s fair to say we are saying more and more extreme weather so it’s definitely something you need to think about.  I always have weather plans in place at my weddings to manage the impacts so I thought I’d share some of these options with you.


If it’s a hot day……

Carry a sunshade or parasol.  It will look really pretty on your photos as well as being a practical way to keep cool.

Having your flip flops or some flat sandals ready for later in the day is a good idea.  Heat is likely to make your feet swell so it makes sense to have a cooler option for dancing.

Ice Buckets at a Wedding on a Hot Day

Ask your venue to make water and filled ice buckets available to keep you and your guests hydrated.

A pretty gazebo in the grounds of your venue will provide some welcome shade for guests while outdoors.

If your venue doesn’t have air conditioning, ask them to supply some fans to help keep people cool.

If it’s very hot, your make up may need a bit more help or you may need to re-apply before the evening.  Make sure you have supplies with you so you can make any repairs needed.


If it’s likely to rain…..

If some elements of your day are outdoors, having some cute wellies is a great idea.  They’re undeniably practical but will also give your photographer some great shots of your wellies with your wedding dress.  And you can obviously keep them to wear in the snow!

You could consider hiring some umbrellas if the wedding forecast is looking like its highly likely to rain – you can hire some really pretty ones to match your colour scheme for not too much money.  Again they can lend themselves to some great photo opportunities.

If you are hoping to have part of your day outdoors, such as your drinks reception, you also need to ensure you have access to an indoor space for your guests.  You really don’t want all your guests huddled under umbrellas outside during a downpour.  Sometimes a stretch tent set can provide sufficient weather cover but it won’t protect guests against driving rain or a storm.

Wedding Guests Lining The Church Path with Umbrellas

Image Credit: Shutter Go Click


If the weather is cold…..

Hopefully in summer this won’t be as much of a concern but there’s always a chance it will be a cold day.

Bride with a Shawl At A Winter Wedding

Image: Ania Oska Photography


If you’re having a winter wedding, some sort of cover up is a must have.  Long sleeves are popular for winter weddings.  Many brides opt for a fur throw but what about something different like a leather or denim jacket!?  These can look amazing with wedding dresses and give an edge to your outfit and photos.

You may want to provide some blankets for your guests in the evening but hopefully they’ll be keeping warm on the dance floor so won’t need them.


Bride denim jacket

Hopefully these tips will help you to be a bit more prepared for the good old English weather.  There’s tons more advice on the blog for planning your big day.  And if you think you really need some 1-1 help, then why not have a look at my planning services?  I offer a range of services so you can get the right amount of support to suit your needs.