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Lots of couples have already had to postpone their weddings to later dates and potentially, there will be more to come.  I know how difficult this is, I really feel for you all.  But it’s really important to remember that you will still get your big day and it will be all the more special when it comes. What to do on your original wedding date

However, there’s no doubt that your original wedding date will be etched into your mind and so when that date comes around, it’s probably going to hurt a little.  I’ve seen a lot of brides talking about this on social media so I thought I’d pull together some tips and ideas of what you can do.  I’d love to hear your plans or ideas too.


Acknowledge The Date

Right now, all the days seem to be blurring into one, I know I have to check my phone more often just to see what day and date it is!   But I’m sure you’ll know when your original wedding date comes around.

Some people may tell you to forget that date and focus on your new wedding date.  If you can do that, great.  However, I think that will be too difficult for most couples.  So it’s important to acknowledge the day without dwelling too much on what should have been.  Life is tough at the minute so try not to make things even harder for yourself.


Don’t Let People Guilt Trip You

With everything that’s going on in the world, it can be easy for people to dismiss what you’re feeling.  And yes there are lots of really serious issues everywhere but postponing your wedding is also a big deal.

Everyone has had to make big changes and sacrifices and yes there are people in some really difficult situations.  Having sympathy and understanding for them doesn’t stop how you’re feeling yourself right now.

You’ve been planning your wedding for a long time and it’s a big step in anyone’s life.  So it’s natural to be upset and sad if you have to postpone.  We’re all going to have bad days through this, it’s human nature.


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Don’t Be Afraid To Have The Day To Yourselves

You’ll probably gets lots of messages from family and friends on this day.  They mean well and it’s lovely that other people have remembered too.  But if you’re not in the mood for replying them, don’t feel guilted into doing so.

Leave them for tomorrow, they’ll all still be there and people will understand if you don’t reply straight away.

Equally, if you’re busy with plans for your new wedding date, it might be worth taking the day off from this and just focus on each other.


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Plan Something Special

Okay, so you might not be able to go out to your favourite restaurant or bar but you can make an effort at home to do something a bit special.  Here are a few things you could consider to make your original wedding date a little bit special:

  • Book the day off, have a duvet day and watch all your favourite films or box sets.
  • Get dressed up for a home date night.
  • Order your favourite takeaway with all the trimmings.
  • If you’ve got some champagne, get that opened and raise a toast to each other.
  • If the weather is kind to you, have a BBQ in your garden.
  • Make playlist of all your favourite songs and have a good dance with the music blaring out
  • Get out of the house for a walk together.
  • Send each other a card and/or gift.
  • Have a mini ceremony and read your vows to each other.
  • Maybe plan in a group facetime or skype with your immediate family or your bridal party.
  • Make some plans for a special trip in the future.


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Time To Look Forward

While it’s good to acknowledge your feelings about this day, it’s equally important to focus on the future.  You still have your big day to look forward to and I’m sure that everyone will be ready to enjoy social events like weddings even more than before.

Focus on the positives and what you are grateful for.  Maybe you’ve got an amazing team of suppliers on board who’ve gone the extra mile to help you to re-arrange everything.  Or maybe friends and family have pulled together to support you with the changes.

And most of all, remember why you’re doing this – your love for each other doesn’t change just because your wedding date has changed.  Focus on that more than anything.

I’ve got more help and advice for you on the blog, for example you can see advice here if you’re postponing your wedding and there’s lots of useful advice available to you.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding