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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional To Help Write your Wedding Vows


In a day and age when we like to personalise practically everything, why should your wedding vows be any different?

An increasing amount of couples are choosing to ditch the traditional ‘for better or worse’ vows and add their own versions.  Essentially, your wedding vows are something that you promise to your partner.  It is a commitment.  Moreover, it is something genuinely heartfelt and romantic.   Why you should hire a professional to write your own wedding vows

Remember, your wedding vows are not something to impress your friends and family.  Although you make the vows in front of everyone, they are deeply personal.

For some ceremonies, especially religious ones, you don’t always have the option of writing your own vows. It’s usually fine for a civil ceremony but you should still check with your register office or church to check your options and let them know what you want to do.

When you’re getting married in the UK you will need to both state certain phrases for your marriage to be legal.

For most services, these will include:
Traditional: “I do solemnly declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I [Name] may not be joined in matrimony to [Name].”
Modern: “I declare that I know of no legal reason why I [Name] may not be joined in marriage to [Name].”
Alternative: “Are you [Name] free, lawfully, to marry [Name]?” for you to reply “I am”.

Many officiants will be happy for you to say additional personal vows once the legal vows have been said.

You may decide to go with the traditional wedding vows – with a twist, or completely rewrite them in your style.  Whichever you choose, having a professional help you write them can be a significant advantage.

Here are some of the benefits to hiring a professional to help you write your wedding vows:


Bring your thoughts in one place

Writing your wedding vows is exciting!  You might have a funny anecdote in mind, along with a super romantic story, maybe even an embarrassing memory.  You pull out your writing pad and begin to pen down your thoughts.

But somehow, they don’t look as great on paper anymore.  The funny anecdote doesn’t seem as amusing, and the romantic story sounds dull.

This is where a professional comes into play.

A professional can help you articulate your thoughts and ideas.  Furthermore, it is vital to learn dialogue delivery.  For example, if you know how long you need to pause before or after delivering a statement, it can have a more significant impact on your audience.  Even the tone in which you provide your lines makes a difference to the emotion they evoke.

Public speaking advice, assisting you with dialogue delivery, and helping you articulate your thoughts – these just a few things a professional can help you with.


Relieving you of additional stress

You may feel that no one else understands your thoughts better than you.  So how could a professional possibly help you write your innermost thoughts in the wedding vows?

Well, you may be right.  Maybe you are an excellent writer and know precisely what you want to say.

However, as your wedding date nears, you will find yourself under an increasing amount of stress and pressure. Hair, makeup, guest lists, food, caterers, flowers – there are dozens of things you need to do.  To top it off, you wish to write an eloquent wedding vow, which will make your guests weep.

Sounds stressful!

A professional can help you ease your stress when it comes to your wedding vows.  You may not need them actually to give you thoughts and ideas.  However, they can help you organise your thoughts in a beautiful format – which you might be too busy to do.

It is important to remember that there is no shame in hiring a professional to help you.  Like you would not expect to cook all the food, layout the tables, or click the wedding photos yourself; this is the same concept.

Wooden Circle with I Do Engraved


Organising last minute ideas

What if you finish writing your wedding vows yourself, only to realize you have another great story up your sleeve?  Do you add it at the end of your vows?  Or do you grudgingly skip it?

Well, this can be a challenging situation.  Although you want to add the last minute idea, you may not be sure how to fit it into the rest of the speech.

In this case, a professional can be of great help.

Not only can they efficiently hear out all your thoughts and ideas, but they can organise them neatly.  Creating an exact format for your wedding vows can help you deliver your speech with more emotion.  The more eloquent you are, the more you will move your guests and your fiancé.


Practice delivering them

Once you get up there in front of all your friends and family, delivering your wedding vows may suddenly seem intimidating.  It is in these moments that you are prone to falter.  Although there is no harm in making a few mistakes, you might not like it to happen anyway.

When it comes to writing and delivering your wedding vows, practice is a great tool.  You might think that you don’t need to practice your wedding vows, but this could be a mistake.  Once you say your vows out loud, you may find several little tweaks to make.

A professional will patiently hear you out and can help you make any little changes and tweaks. It is beneficial to practice saying your wedding vows out loud.  This enables you to make a better decision about parts you can add or elements you could omit from your vows.

Moreover, it also gives you a chance to practice saying them out loud, so you don’t seem like you are just reading them out on your wedding day.  Practicing it helps you sound more natural, which is the best way to be.

Help When Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Consider the length of your wedding vows

Left up to your own devices, you may write wedding vows running to five pages long!  It may also be possible that your vows don’t even stretch out for a minute.

Either way, it can lead you to an embarrassing situation.

A professional will help you figure out what to say, and how you can say it in an appropriate amount of time.  Whether it is just a minute, or 3 minutes, or more, taking the help of a professional can be vastly advantageous.

Writing your wedding vows is an adventurous and exhilarating task.  However, hiring a professional to help you can be a great decision.  Your guests may develop ideas of their own after hearing your beautiful wedding vows!

Merely reading out your vows will have a low impact.  However, delivering them in a graceful speed can leave your guests rushing for their tissues!

I hope this helps you and as always, if you need help with any aspect of planning your wedding, you can contact me to chat things through.


Louise Wearmouth, Founder of Your Fabulous Wedding