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What To Do With Your Engagement Ring On Your Wedding Day


Brides often ask what they should do with their engagement ring on their wedding day.  Obviously your engagement ring is really precious but you don’t want to have it on your left ring finger when exchanging your wedding vows. Engagement ring on your wedding day

Let’s look at a few options and some other considerations for your rings.

One of the easiest, safest options is to wear your engagement ring on your right hand during the ceremony.  You can then quickly transfer it back to your left hand after the ceremony ready for the photos and to show off your new ring to your guests.

Alternatively, you can ask a bridesmaid or a family member to look after it until after the ceremony.  Make sure it’s an adult!  And ask them to keep it with them so that you can put it back on quickly after the ceremony.  Ideally give them a ring box to keep it in rather than just pushing it into a handbag or pocket.


Make it Sparkle!

Make sure to get your engagement ring cleaned just before the wedding.

Your rings will be in the limelight with guests wanting to see your wedding ring as well as being in the photographs.  You want it to be at it’s sparkly best and you don’t want it to look dull next to your new wedding ring.

If it’s white gold it’s probably worthwhile having the engagement ring replated as well.  White gold needs to be replated regularly and you may find the band of the ring looks a bit yellow next to your new white gold wedding ring.

Engagement ring on your wedding day



Get it Covered

If you haven’t already done this, please check that your contents insurance is sufficient to cover your rings.

Most policies have a single item limit and engagement rings are often worth more than this limit.  It doesn’t cost much to increase your cover and it’s definitely worth it.

It’s especially important if you’re going abroad for your honeymoon and thinking about sea swimming, diving etc.  It’s really easy to lose a ring in the water so make sure you’re covered.


What Order to Wear Your Rings

Tradition states that your wedding ring is worn first on the fourth finger of the left hand.  This means your wedding ring is closest to your heart.

Some brides prefer to wear their engagement ring first with their wedding ring on top as this is the order in which they received them.

And I do know some women who stopped wearing their engagement ring once they were married.  Personally that feels like a waste of sparkle (not to mention the money!)

Its obviously your choice, sometimes the style of ring means it looks better one way than the other.

Engagement ring on your wedding day



Eternity ring?

While we’re talking rings, let’s touch on eternity rings.  An eternity ring is sometimes known as an infinity ring.  It usually has a line of stones all the way round it that signifies never ending love.

Traditionally your husband would buy you an eternity ring either on your 10th wedding anniversary or the birth of your first child.  Again don’t worry about breaking tradition here!  I was lucky enough to be given my eternity ring for my first birthday after we got married.  (I think my hubby was just glad he didn’t have to think of something else to get for my birthday!)

Wedding Rings in a Glass Box


Any other questions or ideas? leave me a comment below.  You can get some help on choosing your wedding rings here.  And as always if you’d like to understand more about my planning services, then you can find more details here.  

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